Tarantula in some Bahamian Christmas Trees?



A huge black spider  discovered in a Christmas Tree. We hope scores are not hidden in the trees shipped to the Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas: A family reportedly purchased a Christmas tree on Sunday from the people selling trees in Nassau. They noted that once they had selected the tree, it is wrapped up and transported to the family home.

The family member recounted, “Upon arriving at home the stand was assembled and the tree mounted, I then proceeded to unwrap  the tree.

“After this Yvette started picking off the brown leaves, I left to wash my hands, and SHORTLY afterward I  heard  ‘THE SCREAM’. She had found  a  spider  on a brown leaf, and not sure if it was dead or alive. As I moved the branch it moved.  I ran to get something to catch it with.”The family member said.

The image above are  images of the Tarantula taken after their catch of the spider. Now watch how someone from the WUTLESS MEDIA come out in defence of the tree sellers saying how they check the trees from SNAKES, SPIDERS and CRAWLING CREATURES. BE SAFE THIS HOLIDAY!

We know of a deadly SPIDER that have bitten thousands of Bahamians this past year. His name is HUBERT!


The spider captured after being discovered in a Christmas here in Nassau.


  1. Well don’t that tell us something about those papers? NO ONE (INCLUDING US) reads them anymore.

    Oh and by the way, do you think the guardian apologized to you the readers and vendors yet for their late morning production yesterday? I guess not ech. HIDING NEWS AS USUAL!

    Bahamas Press

  2. Dude! Get over yourself. This story was indeed published in the papers. I know this as a fact because we discussed at my office because we had bought our office tree from the same place the day before the newspaper came out.

    The newspaper even gave the name of the christmas tree seller where the husband and wife bought the their tree. The article had an interview with the seller who said how he personally traveled to the States, hand selected the trees he sold and how the trees had to pass a rigorous standard and inspection by the U.S. Agriculture Department and their Customs Border Inspection before they could leave the country. The seller refuted the spider claim saying that even the Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture and Customs have to pre-approve all import of Christmas trees, which all know don’t hold much credos because a smooth $100 gets many eyes turn in the Bahamas.

    Get over yourself BP. If you looked at the “toilet papers” before you wipe with them, perhaps you may have learned something.

  3. You know Morehands, we at Bahmaas Press would like to think that by now persons visiting this website would not question our content.

    We believe Bahamas Press has broken soo many stories, that Bahamians like yourself would by now not be so DELUSIONAL and BLIND to try and rebuff what we say.

    However SO be it, for when one looks and see how DELUSIONAL some would be in finding TRUST in a Hubert Ingraham, what do you think they would say about TRUTH found on Bahamas Press.

    The BIBLE SAYS they would rather believe a lie than the TRUTH! AMEN!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  4. This identical story and pictures were published in a local newspaper about a week ago. I’m no reporter or professional journalist but I think in the journalism world they would call this Bahamas Press story – Plagiarism. BP, I think someone just copied this story from the newspaper’s website and emailed it to you. Better erase this one before the Bahamas wakes up and visits BP for their daily gossip fix. You would not want to tarnish your high “journalism” reputation.

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