Tax and Spend Ingraham Gov’t. Set to Borrow $68 Million


Ingraham to borrow more money on the back of the poor.

Nassau, Bahamas — When the Parliament reconvenes this Wednesday the reckless tax and spend Ingraham administration will bring a resolution to borrow $68 million to build a new highway from the Lynden Pindling International Airport to the new Spider web; [The six-legged roundabout on JFK].

You would recall the government had table a resolution to vote on 8,150 work permits to construct Baha Mar’s pipe dream. Talks between the Baha Mar Developers and Scotia Bank on a $200 million loan settlement would have opened the way for the new development.

The Government however will proceed in getting Parliament’s approval to borrow money, which are being hitched on the backs of the unborn, like a noose tightened around the necks of children; but that’s not all.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party have refused the engage its Parliamentary powers by using the Public Accounts Committee to probe as to where millions of taxpayers dollars have been spent. Like the almost $47 millions used to dredge the Nassau Harbour for one ship scheduled to pull out of the Bahamas in October. It is the Public Accounts Committee, which has sole executive powers to call at anytime for people and papers and quiz them on government expenditure. For three years now the Committee has failed to function! BOY WE IN DEEP DO-DOO!

Hubert Ingraham robbed as Doctor of wercking the Bahamian economy.

We believe the minister of finance and his bag-totting junior should come clean to the Bahamian people and explain how THEY BANKRUPT THE TREASURY! For it was under Ingraham’s gross mismanagement thousands of Bahamians are knocking the streets looking for work and standing on long lines seeking employment.

It is under Ingraham’s watch we have witnessed the largest tax increase on the backs of the poor, taxes heaped on everything from children underwear to the Holy Bible; from electricity to imports of vehicles.

It was with Ingraham’s radiant plans and ‘wutless’ leadership we saw the ‘sufferation’ and naked abandonment in the subventions to private schools and the cancellation of grants for students studying abroad. Why build a University for them dumb people, they implied, when we could spend millions and millions building roads and super highway for criminals to speed up and down the road.

It was under Ingraham’s glowing plans they decided to build roads and awarded contract after contract to a Brent Symonette subsidiary, which have partnered with an Argentine company.

It is no wonder today we see crime festering like puss oozing all across the naked skin of THE Women we once loved so dear called the Bahamas. She is sick, ailing, suffering, in distress, tormented from bouts of anxiety and her offsprings are moved in extreme bouts of depression and suicide.

Wake UP BAHAMAS! WAKE THE HELL UP! Your country is being pillaged and destroyed right before your very eyes. Hubert Ingraham and the WUTLESS BUFFOONS of spineless wonders have abused this Woman [BAHAMAS] and have beaten her black and blue. THEY HAVE NO SHAME! The are a bunch of SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN!




  1. All this roadwork is being done as payback to Brent Symonette for all the money he doled out for the election. Not that we need it or to ease traffic congestion. No, its to put money in Brent Symonette pocket! FNMs or Bahamians who believe otherwise are not thinking with the brains the good Lord gave them.

  2. @ Stan Moss. You are totally missing it. If we borrowed 800 plus million in LESS THAN A YEAR why the hell are we borrowing 68 million for MORE FLIPPING ROAD WORK, who is making these decisions?

  3. The borrowing of an additional 68 million dollars is insane , what happend to the first $220 Million , what happend to the further 140 million that was borrowed from the Chinease last year , what has happend to the first set of monies that was allocated to the road project from the beginning of this trust administration . not one corridor has been completed and yet the government is intent to put the country further into more debt , when we can’t even make our revenue projections …..and for what to build a new four lane road to meet up with the unfinished round about …..something is rotten in demark folks !

  4. It is obvious this damn government don’t give a **** about bahamians. If the economy is in a mess now, how the hell borrowing more money on top of what we owe will help us. Looks like Ingraham wants us to end out like Jamaica or Haiti broke and flipping poor. Our children and grand children will be in some deep **** cause they would end up having to pay this debt back, its just wrong. When these foreigners finish using The Bahamas they will leave and don’t care what happens to it, come on wake up.

  5. What happened to the 800 plus million we borrowed from the Chinese less than a year ago for the purpose of road improvements Mr. Ingraham? Bahamians have not forgotten.

    • we are seeing it everyday, with the deliveries of well fitted pipes, the construction of Fran Watson Highway, Saunders Beach, the start of the Potters Cay dock near the ole traffice police station, the paving of Nassau St. the paving of Abaco central rd, the buying of two BEC stations, the renovation stated to begin on the Treasure Cay airport,and others we can go on. All of the leant money shared in many of these projects

      • Most of the money borrowed probbaly didnt go to those projects. The big tiket projects were the NPRIP at over 130m. The harbour dredging at over 47m etc. But I get your point, but also keep in mind, alot of borrowed money pays for recurrent expenses (salaries and the like) and over spending of projects such as Anatol Rodgers and TG Glover.

        BTW I think the Frank Watson road was built using private funds:

        “An additional project entrance will be located midway
        along this northern property line and at the northwestern corner of the property; traffic will turn left at
        another roundabout to travel south towards South Ocean or right to go north towards the airport and
        downtown Nassau. This new segment will be built to modern road engineering standards, be a two lane
        facility and attractively landscaped, all at project owners expense.” – From the Albany EIA

        On Friday Aigust 22nd, the Albany Group commenced its Road Improvement on Adelaide Road.

        Adelaide Rd., between Coral Lake Ave. and the Adelaide Village entrance, will be closed to vehicular traffic between 10am and 6pm daily.

        Members of the public are asked to observe the speed limit and excerice extreme caution when driving in this area. The road improvement project will come to an end on Monday, September 1st, 2008.

        No parking: From 9am to 7pm no parking will be permitted on Adelaide Rd between Coral Lakes Avenue and BOTH SIDES – the Adelaide Village entrance.

  6. I am tired of FNM diehards pointing the finger at the PLP when the FNM does wrong/ or nothing. Was the FNM elected to be just like the PLP, or did the people get tired of the PLP and wanted a change? WHy do they keep saying the PLP would or could not do any better? Does this justify their gross incompetence or negligence? I am glad I saw the light (or darkness) of Hubert Ingraham’s administration since 1997, and I only wish my people would see it too. Look beyond party lines, and see what is happening in our country. I am not PLP or FNM, but at least under the PLP our black people had some wealth and some jobs.And stop blaming the downturn in the economy, because the same monies used for infrastructure(roads that were not needed)could have been diversified into other income and job producing projects.

    • read it. The Bahamas is ranked in the top 50 in economic standard in the world, so there is a stable economy lead by the Prime Minister. Noone told many Bahamians to live above their earnings, can’t blame the govt. for you deciding to borrow for that 30000 dollar car. I am considered in the 11% of Bahamians who have atleast 1000 saved in the bank, this is done by good decisions and not over spending. Tommorow is always a better day. Instead of just talking bout suicide watch and talk to your friends, your family, and people and encourage them that God gives noone anything that they can not handle and at no time is suicide a choice. The country compares well in the world and soon the bad would be over, tommorow is a better day and thank goodness for the hands on leadership of the Prime Minister who makes a decision and sticks by it

      • I have watched with interest as you Stan have asinine reasons for the every move of the Govt.You remind me of the spokesperson for the Taliban who had an answer for everything happening in Afghanistan even as the Americans and their allies were taking full control.My mind then ran onto the book Animal Farm and Squeler the spokesperson for Napoleon,seeing nothing wrong even though those around him were in dire straits.Stan you are a standup comedian who just does not get it,this Govt is clueless and heartless.Weeping endureth for a night but joy will come in the morning of our next Gen Elections.

        • The Bahamas is holding its own through the worst economic reccession in a generation. The Prime Minister had to take the recommendations of the World Bank and the IMF, and him doing so is just asking the Bahamian Public to pull up their socks and don’t spend foolish. Mr. Russell am not a spokesman for the Taliban and I don’t squel so I shouldn’t remind you of the book animal farm or persons who are extremists, instead am a Bahamian who councils Bahamians on Economics and have first hand info on stats of this country compared to the world, where am a proud citizin thats flys my flag on my car everyday and has it flying high in my yard. If you believe that Perry Christie and his barage of wild spending cronies who told you what wanted to hear instead of what you needed to hear is the right choice for you well thats your right, but remember the truth is always difficult and hard to understand and its common to want to bench the starting qb for the backup if u feel things are going bad but as far as the world is concern, The Bahamas and its government are doing whats neccessary to float out this rocky time and it will get better with these few sacrifices that me and you need to make.

      • There was a time stand when we was the 3rd on this side f the world. Where are we now in that ranking?


  7. His decisions was bad in 2007 and that is why the country has tinkered on the brink of disaster. Suicide is being committed all around us, the state of hopelessness is high in the air. And Joblessness abounds everywhere you turn in this country!

    Who lead us to this place of WUTLESSNESS? Who Crown such failures in our institutions? Who has downgraded the state of our Bahamian Tourism product around the world? Every time I hear these questions I receive the same answer; INGRAHAM, INGRAHAM, INGRAHAM IS TO BLAME!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. The Prime Minister doing what he has to. The work of the Prime Minister and his government is going to payoff in about 2 yrs as the Bahamas would be back on track. If the decisions was so bad, the waste of time PLP and its leader would of been making noise all around, instead nothing they are saying, so maybe they agree with the Prime Minister

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