Taxi Driver chase two robbers in Fox Hill last night – Both suspects now in police custody….


Young Pinewood robbers could have been fatally shot by police as they reeked havoc in Fox Hill last night…

Police and citizens stopped robbers dead in their tracks in Fox Hill last night!

Nassau, Bahamas — A scary incident unfolded in the Fox Hill community last evening as two robbers were chased and captured by locals and police in the area.

Eyewitnesses reported, “We were standing talking in a group on Frank Edgecombe Street, when a car with the robbers therein came speeding by after getting hit by the taxi driver who gave chase. This all had begun some yards down from us.

“The taxi driver didn’t break speed at all. He hit the car again just as they got to the end of the corner, determined to stop them. But in the chase other persons in the area got hit during the ordeal. One of the guys who had just left his truck got hit, and a man who was on the main Fox Hill Road past Blueberry Hill got hit as well.

“The robbers’ car also hit the front of that man’s vehicle. That driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was conscious when EMS services arrived. The robbers were quickly nabbed police on patrol at the time. Another EMS crew checked both robbers in a second ambulance. They were then taken into custody by police.”

During the ordeal no gunshots were fired. Nor did police shoot any of the suspects.

BP can confirm that following the Fox Hill massacre late last year, where four persons lost their lives, a number of officers heavily patrol the community; making it nearly impossible to escape a police lockdown in Fox Hill.

The robbers were armed with a handgun and robbed the taxi driver of cash and a cell phone. The foiled robbery was in a stolen Kia Reo. The robbers nabbed were 24 and 23 year-olds of the Pinewood Gardens community.

BP congratulates the officers making the arrest, and the EMS teams for their quick response. This incident could have been worse.

We report yinner decide!