Taxi Driver on the Run From Police for Allegedly Holding Hostage and Fondling Three Young Teen Visitors



Taxi drivers waiting outside the Welcome Centre at the Prince George Wharf.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Police are on the lookout for a taxi driver, that is alleged to have fondled three young teens visiting The Bahamas. The young girls reported the crime to police on Thursday night.

Sources close to disclosed that sometime around Thursday night while taxing in the downtown area the accused taxi driver lured three female passengers into his vehicle, with the promise to take them to their destination. The driver then veered his course and took the young teens to his home in the southern area of New Providence. It was then, according to the source close to the investigation,  the male taxi driver offered the young women the eldest being 18 a drink. One of the women then became concerned and order the driver to return them back into the downtown area. It was then according to the source, the driver held the women [in his home] against their will and began to molest the young girls. It is unclear whether the Taxi had used a weapon in the crime, however according to our source the women were left traumatized by the incident.

Police have yet to capture the taxi driver who is said to be hiding out from authorities. The source confirmed that the women told their tearful and horrifying ordeal to police on Thursday evening. The taxi driver is said to frequent the Welcome Centre at the Prince George Wharf however, he has been missing from his station since Thursday.

This incident confirms the raised levels of crime and criminal activity in The Bahamas, where police have reported that sexual crimes have doubled in 2007. It is unknown how many times this incident have been repeated by this taxi driver now on the run, however, police must quickly apprehend this criminal before he strikes again and possibly murder a victim, suspecting he is a law abiding taxi driver.


  1. Well let me clarify my comments, as I still believe, too many of us in The Bahamas believe still, that the world is FLAT. “Concerned”, whether I say it on this blog, on the radio or in the wutless printed newspapers in this country, you and others MUST be aware that, GONE ARE THE DAYS WHERE NEWS CAN BE SUPPRESSED. In fact I would go further and say you need not be concerned with how I say the police have many corrupt individuals enlisted in its ranks. Commissioners before me have said publicly the same. That is a fact! And there are those many good officers that are telling these stories to us in media. Ask the Punch, The Tribune and the BLACK BELT who are their sources, YES DECENT POLICE officers, who cannot say otherwise because ranks above them engage in CRIMINAL activity. For example, why has there yet to be a follow-up on that senior police officer who had a record of peddling stores in the Fox Hill area. Why has he not come to face trial? Officers were so afraid, that the wrote a letter to the commissioner signed “Concerned Officers”. The actions of the senior officer was CRIMINAL, but to this day, nothing is done. WHO is above the law of the Bahamas?

    Also “concerned” you should not be concern with what I say when it comes to news in this country, but we all should be concern when something like this happens to three AMERICAN TEENS, who have now returned home to NBC, CBS and ABC. Yet someone with your concerns and many others in this country would rather me and others in the media, to keep silent. WHAT HYPOCRISY!

    What are we going to do when they get their story up on NBC and CBS and CNN and say how a TAXI driver IN THE BAHAMAS KIDNAPPED THEM AND almost raped them, and Bahamian police did nothing? And the international media then say, AVOID TAXI DRIVERS IN THE BAHAMAS? MMMM? Well I am telling the world, Bahamian police need to do what the are EMPOWERED TO DO and arrest the this rapist taxi driver before he strikes again, and stop talking BULL about come back Tuesday or Wednesday, next thing you know they forget about this situation!

  2. I personally enjoy receiving your e-mails with your updated news articles. However, I am concerned about the comments made “The traumatized young American teens have since returned home to the US after reporting the matter and giving all their statements. But we all know, like crime in The Bahamas, the police are products of this criminal riddled society.” by the editor. Like the previous comment from Dale Ferguson-Joseph, tourism, right now, is our bread and butter. Such comments as these are on the www and there for all to read not only locals but the entire world (potential visitors). Please be more cautious of such remarks.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Our source have revealed to us that the taxi driver was spotted back at the Wharf late into the weekend. A source with the investigation said to us there are person he knows in the police force that is hoping the matter does not get national attention, in an effort to throw this case out like many others. The traumatized young American teens have since returned home to the US after reporting the matter and giving all their statements. But we all know, like crime in The Bahamas, the police are products of this criminal riddled society. We will be following up with this story and update our readers accordingly.


  4. This is totally unacceptable and MUST be thoroughly investigated. This man must be charged and have his public service badge taken away immediately. It’s persons like this who are killing our bread and butter. We cannot become another Aruba.

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