The Barbarians are at the gates of the CHURCH! St. George’s Church broken into for the third time


A sad Fr. Kingsley Knowles sit at the edge of a wooden pew as he discovered the House of God had been ransacked by thieves. This is the third break-in over the past month.

Nassau, Bahamas — Worshipers at the St. George’s Anglican Church in the Valley went to mass this Monday morning all to find a shocking display.

No, the stone was not rolled away, but the side door of the church was shattered and the church office ransacked by the Rwandan Style Gangsters [ROBBERS]. Thieves gained access into the Parish offices and smashed the glass to the church bus.

BP can confirm this is the third break-in into the House of GOD by demons who are wreaking havoc and terror into the lives of residents all over the country.

You would remember just a few weeks ago bandits broke into the Immigration Department offices, the Road Traffic complex, the Nassau Street courts, The Passport offices and the Supreme Court building desecrating the offices of a judge. And this early morning’s robbery was no different. Thugs went into the church, pass the BLESSED SACRAMENT and kicked down the administration office doors and ransacked the area with no regard for GOD OR COUNTRY. WHAT IS THIS?

We are shocked and ‘horrorfably’ dumbfounded by the incident. Church members told BP, “This is the third break-in into the church in that last month. We are safe nowhere it seems. Life in the Bahamas is fast becoming a nightmare.”

Damages left by bandits was in tune of over $1,500. No money we are told is kept at the facility.

Church administration offices kicked open and papers tossed about the shelves.

“Why would bandits break into the house of prayer? We are selling hope here. We are in the business of saving souls, redeeming workers for the kingdom. Feeding the hungry and sheltering the naked,” another sadden member said.

Meanwhile rector of the parish, Fr. Kingsley Knowles appeared sadden by the incident as he sat on a pew where the bandits entered.

Bahamas Press has repeatedly called for the resignation of the most incompetent minister in all the history of the Bahamas, Tommy Turnquest, for his naked abandonment, blind neglect, gross incompetence and paralyze handling of the crime problem.

Tommy Turnquest told the nation he knows where the criminals are, yet he refuses to rid our streets of the thugs who are maiming the elderly, raping children, ransacking temples, wrestling Justices to the ground, murdering the innocent, committing daylight hiest and threatening the livelihood of the Nation. WE ARE IN CRISIS!

The Barbarians are at the gates of the Church!



  1. This is so sad!! I’m praying for Archdeacon Kowles adn the people of St. George’s Church.

    Folks, the runaway crime situation is not political and it is not the fault of any one individual…. it affects us all. If there is a change in government,do you really believe that that will have any effect upon the mindset of the criminals amongst us? We all need to cooperate with the Police in their efforts to stem the tide. All of the negativity and name calling is not helping the situation. If we do have a change in Government, will the new group wave a magic wand and fix everything that is wrong in this country? I think not.

  2. Lolo lolo the photo of the incompetent one is worth a thousand words.Has anyone but me not noticed that PAPA has yet to speak out on CRIME.Each time the incompetent one speaks criminals seem to go on a rampage.You know when you fire/retire persons just for the sake of being popular among your party members disaster is sure to follow you.Bahamians need to take to the streets demanding that the Govt seek a new mandate in light of the many mis-happenings in our country.

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