The Central Bank of the Bahamas’ website has been hacked and we hear nothing of the incident!


Hack on the Central Bank of the Bahamas!

The Central Bank of the Bahamas

Nassau – The website of the Central Bank of the Bahamas has been the victim of an elaborate online attack by global hackers for 28 hours and, up to the press time of this article, we have not had one word of the incident reported by any of the agencies in the country.

We know police are not reporting any news these days and the Ministry of Finance is certainly not forthcoming. But such serious incidents of hacking our Central Bank must be a concern for the economic security of the nation.

According to world reports, in conjunction with #OpIcarus2018, hacker “SHIZEN of Pryzraky” launched a series of web attacks and DDoS against central banks worldwide.

We are learning chief among those incidents was an attack on the Central Bank of the Bahamas, which was down for well over 24 hours between the dates of December 12th to 14th, 2018 [This week].

But, as of 9am on Friday, the bank’s official website was restored to normal. The Bank’s web developer clearly suffers from a lack of basic security measures and, from what we gathered, a direction to avoid this from happening in the future has not been forthcoming.

Where is the wutless media on this? And/or where are all the commentators who are waiting on a Bahamas Press report to repeat it as some Breaking News? Stop stealing our information

The last time the Central Bank of the Bahamas’ website was hacked was on June 28th, 2018.

We report yinner decide!