The FNM gift to the Bahamas Half-a-BILLION DEBT RISE in 6 months



  1. All of those programs and promises made during the last elections resulted in this debt, not just the current FNM but the former PLP as well, promises have to be paid for, politicians ( both FNM and PLP ) have done that and passed it on to your grand and great grand children for payment. Bahamians must remember governments really don’t have a revenue problem, they usually have a spending problem.

  2. Bahamas start teaching your children how to put away money in a savings account or all they earn will be spent to pay back the debt of our Country!!! These are the signs that Christ will soon return…..the money system fails first…..this is not only a Bahamas problem, its Global….Greece has declared a referandum to accept the bail-out offered by the European Banks.

  3. Not sure about the 4,404,862,560 dollars.. but I got 36 cents to help out with the national debt…

    Gatta laugh or else you cry in these type of situations people. One industry won’t and can’t get us out of this ditch.

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