BEC’s massive mismanagement and cover-ups continues

Phenton Neymour, MP for South Beach.


The Progressive Liberal Party is very deeply concern over the critical state of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation and the constant misleading statements by Minister Earl Deveaux, Jr Minister Phenton Neymour and Chairman Michael Moss. Neymour recently told the public that BEC was again profitable yet our sources tell us that BEC currently owes it Oil Supplier over $100,000,000, One Hundred million Dollars.

Just recently the PLP was reliably informed that an Oil Tanker bringing fuel for BEC refused to discharge its cargo until a very large payment was made. We were further advised that the Ministry of Finance had to intervene via the Central Bank to settle the debt.

When one views this very embarrassing dilemma against the recent claim by Jr Minister Phenton Neymour that BEC was now profitable clearly conveys that the public is being flamed.

BEC's Chairman Michael Moss

The front page story in this morning Tribune Jr Minister Phenton Neymour claimed   that vital overhaul had to be put off until this year, thanks to the PLP’s ill-advised rate reduction before the 2007 election which drained BEC’s funds.  Jr Minister Neymour is clearly a stranger to the truth as the PLP’s rate reduction took place in 2003 and BEC had borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars since 2008 to address cash short falls, plus the FNM major increase in BEC rates. Further the Government and its agencies owed BEC sizable sums and failed to pay resulting in constant major black-outs during this past summer.

The PLP draws to the Public’s attention (a classic example of terrible mismanagement) that despite the expenditure of well over $100, 000,000 over a four plus years and counting; BEC’s new power plant in Abaco is still not fully functional (as both the new and the old plants are both running). The entire Island of Abaco was without electricity yesterday for over five hours.

The Progressive Liberal Party is demanding that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham comes clean with the Bahamian Public on the deteriorating conditions at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation and the escalating cost of electricity on the backs of struggling Bahamians.

A new PLP government pledges to restore BEC to a profitable and functional entity and will once again reduce electricity rates as it did in 2003 thereby easing the burden for all Bahamians.


  1. These idiots – Michael “Moose” Moss, Phenton “No More” Neymour, Earl “Helicopter” Deveaux, and Mona Vie “Lying” Laing – they are pathetic.

    They in denial so bad, dey don’t know what to say and only telling lies and contradicting each other:

    Lower electricity – Yes! No! I mean Yes!

  2. And we have to be paying for their tardiness. The BEC bills are outrages, and it takes all our wages, and they do not care, once their mistakes is being paid for. Last month they were saying the bills were going down, now they come this month that we are going to have an increase…what’s up with that. The Bahamas do not pay enough salary to keep up with the price of living here. This is totally outrages.

  3. Lying Mona Vie Laing lied again. He didn’t say the oil tankers weren’t paid. And He is a what – a church Minister?
    The Lord should strike him down for all dat lying. The man can’t even tell anything true anymore.

    Michael “Moose” Moss and Phenton “No More” Neymour are so pathetic. Earl “Helicopter” Deveaux – can’t find a word to describe him. He’s worse than pathetic man.

    These four men are killing us Bahamians! We are angry!!

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