The Great Debate a Smashing Success! The FNM did not show…Elizabeth Show the FNM the same!



  1. I agree kim. Raah u have a point too. I will admit that I was most impressed with dr rollins.
    I’ve always said that ppl like moncur are best to run this country.
    Its time we got rid of the doctors and lawyers who are ruining our country.
    If ppl like dogface ingraham and perry stayed in their profession,
    Our legal system wouldn’t be so jacked up.
    It don’t take no form of rocket science smarts to see what’s wrong in this country.
    I’d give moncur my full support if he wasn’t so interested in diluting our rich bahamian culture
    With creole and haitian culture. As for rollins he is still new with milk on his breath
    He has the rite idea he just don’t have the backing of a strong party.
    When I weighed those factors I’m only left with one choice
    RYAN PINDER baby! Yes he is young, yes he has his flaws and imperfections but he has the support of great leaders
    Like his father in spite of all the mud that amazon gorilla sling at him marvin is a great man and well loved in this community.
    mrs.pindling brave etc so with those pple behind him he will no doubt rise ro the occasion and be a great leader
    And the rite man for the job.

  2. It is amzaing that everyone debating last night recognise that Pinder is the front runner so they must do all in their power to derail him.The PLP is not the Govt but Pinder has the right approach in how empowerment for the people in Elizabeth is to be achieved.Comprehend his message and look at him being cool as a cucumber under tremendous pressure and it is clear that he is the right man for the job in Elizabeth at this time.This deabate has made all of the participants tried and tested.The polling Divisions in Elizabeth proper need to send a very clear message to PAPA that no one checking for him and his chicken candidate.Students have been given lots of material from the debate and it is clearly the way fortward for the Bahamian political scene.PAPA has never taken part in a debate so he was not going to let Dr Pinder beat him to the punch,oh what a jealous spirit.That new bag has pampers in it so stop bragging cry baby Papa.And by the way the PUNCH is into OVERDRIVE trying to derail the front runner Ryan.Stay cool Ryan as am learnintg from you how to ward off unfair criticism.Youi have the right message for ouir young people,”STAYING COOL UNDER PRESSURE”.

  3. Opinions just differ, some people seems to think Moncur cleaned the floor with the other candidates, but in my opinion it was Dr. Rollins who was in charge of the whole debate.  I never really knew anything about Dr. Rollins before the debate,  but he managed to impress me. He believes that Bahamians should come first, well I am a Bahamian so you know that is like music to my ears.

  4. Why are you guys reluctant to admit what you know in your hearts to be the truth, eh? Moncur cleaned the floor with the entire group. Believe that! And, Ryan did not rise to the hype and the expectation, ergo, he was was a disaster. If PLPs want to vote for whatever the PLP sends to represent them is one thing, but do not get it twisted: Ryan ain’t ready…

  5. Listen, Rodney might be a little rough around the edges and not as polished or as qualify as the other candidates, but I think he did well for a taxi driver and a person who never been off to college. He seems to be a person who does his research, he has strong convictions that he is not afraid to stand up for and he is a very aggressive person who believe in getting things done. I respect Rodney and I don’t feel he was a complete disaster during the debate at all, because beside being entertaining I like some of the things he had to say, but there were plenty things I disagreed with him on and would not feel comfortable voting for him at this point.

  6. FUTURELEADER yeah this a PLP TOWN….. And You see that sad of exuse DR. SANDS talking about?… Say he was debating. ANYWAYS I am not gonna lie I got  MORE out of this elections from the FNM but come FEB. 16 Ill tick my vote nicely by a candidate who i think can do a good job in this area and a  good rep. in the area.

  7. Well I too think dr dollins won that debate. Too bad he won’t win the election. Ryan pinder has already won this election I’m shocked that ppl still think it will go anyother way.
    Lizzy is PLP TOWN! Rodney moncur is a very decent man and he would probaby be the stongest and best choice to battle the dog face gorilla lookin hubert man but I don’t think he is trustworthy.
    Moncur and rollins look like sellouts to the fnm.

    That loser in the cream suit aint even worth discussin.

  8. while Mr Moncur may be entertaining with his aptly timed quips and victorian style discourse he remains but a distration in this race alas so does Dr Rollins(oh by the way we know wgat wrong with the fnm and plp)and Mr gimme a chance to change the system stuart……..Refocus this race is between fhm and plp nothin else they have sent in the clowns now here comes the 16th when pinder the plp will be declared the winner.ask yourself why is pappa in elisabeth and on all the posters hmm is he running…..and all can agree that mr malcolm was an absent mp…that leaves the logical conclusion that the area is plp …… while the debate and offers of change are dreat they fall far below the mark…oh and why arent these new visionarys talkin about economics with what reasources do they propose these various graand ideas Ill hep yinna out start with the tax system, legalise and tazx gambling, survey the marine resources sustainable fishing,  get away from oil renewables sun power,educate the poulation to compete on the global market, develop an immigration policy, etc etc not forgeting criome which will be ameliorated when less people hungry……and as for the dual citizen argument when illegals land in the bahamas and are granted citizenship they have the right to high office as welll many of our politicians were of haitian ancestry so what is the diffrence with bahamian amerian both aquire the right as per their citizenship yet another distration the clock ticking we still havin a cooly while bahamaland burns 3 fah 5 lol

  9. I was quite proud of Dr. Rollins last night: he had good points that didn’t have that air of vagueness Ryan did.

    I want to see Dr. Rollins do well in the election, even if it may be a two-way race.

  10. Good showing by all of the candidates. Ryan Pinder showed how to remain calm under pressure, slander, and innuendoes.

    Ryan Pinder, did not posses the poise necessary, but he sure has the substance. Small business development, is surely the way to go.

    Dr. Rollins also had a good showing, he has alot to offer.

    Cassius Stuart, was off last night. He should join a party, he does not have the wherewithal.

    The only loser was Dr. Sands! Fnms, are saying that it was a good thing Dr. Sands did not show up, I say “hogwash” ! Our brand of politics has to change.

    We are digressing as a nation. If Ryan Pinder, And Dr. Rollins are a part of the political process, going forward ,we are in “good hands”

  11. Well The debate was good and I think Dr. Rollins won the night.  My vote is still not confirmed but I can assure you I see Dr. Rollins leading for my VOTE. Ryan Pinder was good too but it seem like he was nervous.  DR. SANDS SHOULD BE ASHAMED! I was highly upset to see he was absent. I personally feel Dr. Rollins should win this area because he is mroe versatile compared to SANDS and PINDER.

    • Lol!, Dr. Sands did’nt even think much of the ppl of Lizzy to grace us with is presence, but he would be out in Lizzy knocking on doors, but him an papa up in lizzy openning a next HQ and talking *** fool they had two open already dat one would now be the third one with just 5 days to go in this by election Dr Sands and Papa are the two biggest distesters in dis hole debate, we Bahamians just got to put a stop to dis type of foolish games and get real are futher and kids are at rick.    

      • Once More what you all do not get is that Doc Sands was with the good people of Lizzie… He was with them… that debate was OK.. but more important to Doc Sands was the fact that he wanted to have a chat with the people who will vote for him.. and that was what he was doing last night, tonight and until the election is over.. Doc Sands is focused..

  12. Raah, you say word on the street is that Ryan Pinder was a disaster? Well what street is that? As i said in my comments, Ryan Pinder didnt tear it up but neither did he say or do anything that hurt his prospects. He did seem stiff and nervous at the beginning, but did what he needed to do.

    The disaster in lasts nights debate was Rodney Moncur. His antics took away from his message!

  13. Mr. Pinder is new.  I will support him.   I will give him a chance and he will be fully ready for the great debate  just before the general elections. And another thing:RUDENESS  OUTTA  STYLE!

  14. Dr. Rollins of whom I knew about from BP actually impressed me. Ryan Pinder did seem nervous and not fully ready for prime time.Rodney made the event worthwhile with his diatribes but he’s not a viable candidate for MP.
    As for the absent Dr.Sands, his non participation is inexcusable. If he were told By The PM to not attend,  it is contemptible of the political process by the PM and cowardly of Dr.Sands. A man must first be a man if he wants to represent the people.
    It seems that the FN-Men are little boys still trying to please PAPA. Where is the outrage at his despotic policies that are becoming more delusional by the day? Mr Ingraham has served the Bahamian people, now step aside and let them serve him in his old age.

  15. I did not see all of the debate but from what I saw, Ryan Pinder skirted around the questions.  Cassius Stuart was very confident and directly answered the questions that were put to him.   Based on what I saw, I would grade the candidates in this order:  Stuart, Rollins, Pinder, Moncur.  It was obvious that the audience was mostly PLP supporters.  I congratulate Mr. Jones for bringing the debate to the public.  I also commend him  for his professionalism and for making it clear that a certain level of decorum was expected from the audience.   It was unfortunate that Dr. Sands chose not to appear. 

  16. its so amazing to see supporters of different parties critisize other candidates simply because they cant understand the messages from them! i mean anyone with common sense could clearly see who was the winner lastnight! i mean the puppet master hubert suggested that the doc dont show up at all! what message is he sending to voters who may be interessted in supporting him! could it be he is not a debater or a strong public speaker? how could he relate anything to the people of lizzy then! should people just follow the puppet master hubert simply because he is PM! the residents have minds of they,re own! the kindergarden keynote address he gave at the last rally was deplorible! bashing the candidates and the former PM is his message! whats his game plan?,,,,nothing Mr. Rollins said it right lastnight

  17. All of you PLPs here get over it.. Ryan was a distester…. On another site this morning it is even suggested that the expression on Mr. Christie’s face kinda suggested that he himself was not at all impressed with Ryan…

    PLP accepte it, ryan een ready for PRIME TIME.. maybe it is that he do not know how Bahamians think.. and further if he did not campaigned and voted for Sara Palin and John McCain he may have learned a thing or two from Obama..

    So Long to your hopes…

  18. Altec, I am confused about your criticisms of Dr. Sands wrt NHI. Dr. Sands is on record stating that he opposed NHI because it could not deliver what was promised as proposed. He actually supports comprehensive NHI, but it has to be properly funded, and infrastructure put in place simultaneously as it is brought into play. Again, Moncur had the best line, accusing the pussycat of being late again on NHI!

  19. Well here were I am everyone is saying that Dr. Rolling won the debate hands down.. Ryan was simply was very disappointing – Young looked out of placed, bad hair cut, geekie looking glasses, and the PLP crowd in the room as usual – rude and out of control.. even Jones was upset… Rodney comic relief.. seems to makeing the whole affair look trival… sad thing is that Cassies, Ryan and Rodney were not impressive at all… I guess the winner in the minds of many this morning is that Doc Sands may have know better then to show up for such an event as it was the plays that were not prepared or eveen ready… 

    Meanwhile, Doc Sands had the pleasure of talking with the peple in Lizzie… and as of now. Sands is by far.. on his way.. 

    BP, eat ya heart out.. Sands has this one… stay tune !!!  

    • N.C.I, I just realized someting Dr. Sand is play football hey?, because this same event was just played out two weeks ago in foot ball, when da term realized they could’nt win so they came up with all kind of reasons way they could’nt make da championship game first all of da team was standing in a wedding and so on, but guess what N.C.I the officals showed up & the commentators showed up to the game and so did the other team and the game still went on without the team, that went to the wedding, but sadly N.C.I the team that showed up finaly won by defualt, N.C.I this real story that just happen in Nassau two weeks ago so tell da ghost and Papa watch out history have away of repeating it’s self.     

  20. I believe Rollins won the debate! Ryan came across as too rehearsed, but didn’t harm himself. Mr. Stuart’s outfit “stood out”. And Mr. Moncur’s performance make me recall the words of the great chinese leader Mao Tse Tung, “when there’s no tiger in the mountain the monkey becomes king’.

  21. Altec, trust me, word on the street is that that showing by Ryan was a disaster. I thought Rodney Moncur won actually. Moncur killed it with his remarks about Local Government, and the fact that Residents care about crime and jobs and not no damn Local Government, and other pie in the sky ideas coming out of the debaters’ heads! That line won it, right there and then! Pinder was mortally wounded by Moncur when Moncur lamented that progress and defeating crime cannot begin with Mr. Pinder being escorted to the stage by men on bail for gun crimes! How fool are PLP supporters anyway? ‘Kill the Beast while it is wounded’, is what Moncur did to Pinder. I loved it because it showed Pinder and the PLP for the Charlatans, hypocrites, and sadists that they are…

  22. Ryan Pinder did absolutley well lastnight! in fact it was most entertaining, especially Mr. Moncur. all candidates touched on key issues but ryan i think would win Lizzy

  23. Russell Johnson, i disagree with your comments about Dr Rollins. He came off very well balanced last night. He applauded the PLP for trying to implement some form of NHI, but stated that the PLP was wrong in how they sold it as being low cost to the consumer. And to be honest, you would have to agree with that.

    Dr Rollins disagreement with NHI was the total opposite as Dr Sands. Dr Rollins didnt want it period.

    Raah, your talking total BS. Ryan Pinder didnt tear it up but neither did he say or do anything that hurt his prospects. He did seem stiff and nervous at the beginning, but did what he needed to do.

    For you to say that Ryan Pinder had a worse showing than Rodney Moncur then i know your just being a partisan FNM!

  24. All I know, Media, Russell, and the rest of the gang, is that your Candidate, Mr. Ryan Pinder, got punked! Mr. Pinder came in hot last in that farce last night…

    • Raah, L. Ryan touched base and successfully reached out to the hearts and mines of the ppl of Lizzie’ he was not distracted by Moncur redherrings and direct personal attacks on him and his party leader, L. Ryan stayed on cause and dealt with the issues that are important to me and the ppl of Eliz Estate and the Lizzie Constituency. I congratulate Mr. L. Ryan Pinder, the right man at the right time and the right place.   

  25. As I have stated Dr Sands is a chicken already under the influence of PAPA.Elizabethans need to put the rubber chickens on their house doors to let him no he is not welcome as he refuses to show them how he would perform under pressure.Health care and politics are like night and day.Say no to chicken Sands and PAPA by not voting for the FNM candidate.

    • But indeed he has shown exactly what he will do if confronted with a problem or a crises he will tuck his tail between his legs and haul hip….

  26. I really enjoyed the debate I am getting closer to deciding on where to cast my vote. Also if there was anyone who was missing it should not have been the FNM.they should have been present and accounted for. are they hiding something?  

  27. Excellent forum to show case the young talented men of the Bahamas.  Dr. Rollins, & Stuart both very impressive.  These are the kind of policies that should be mandated this debate should have been labaled the first debate in politicial history for the Bahamas and if anyone wants to vie for a politicial position such a forum should be policy.

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