The Minnis Government has run out of money and cannot meet fiscal targets!


Vat increased to 12% and still the government cannot account for its revenue collections!

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest speaking on the 12% Vat hike on Bahamians with the press.

It is clear that the Government has no money, with its refusal to negotiate financial agreements with various public-sector unions and the Minister of Finance shocking admission that Moodys estimate that the Government would miss its deficit target by $82 million (0.75%) is fair (or as we would say accurate) a mere two months after advising Parliament otherwise. What is this?!

In a time like this, the go-to person should be the country’s chief financial officer the Actg. FS, Marlon Johnson, instead we have silence for this critical office.

Is it because he is actively seeking employment elsewhere or rather he realizes that managing public finances is not the same as selling Jamaican patties!

Anyway, Peter Turnquest cannot explain these things. He is busy sitting quietly as his former company Sky Bahamas makes a crash landing and its hidden investor is hauling [running] from a US investigation.

We report yinner decide!