The number 306 on the Senate Building made the day for some



Sir Arthur Foulkes the Bahamas 8th Governor General.

Nassau, Bahamas — If you were in Rawson Square like one of our editors who supports gambling you would have seen him smiling from ear to ear following his BIG WIN in Late Night Chicago. His number, 036 fell in that number house the night before the opening of Parliament and in the midst of all the pomp and pageantry the number was glaring over the Senate building 306.

To that writer, all we saw was teeth and more than likely after yesterday Hubert Ingraham could do no wrong. We all witnessed the swearing in of Arthur Foulkes as the 8th Governor General of the Bahamas. We saw the man who cut Papa ‘bahind’; Leo Ryan Pinder sworn in as the MP for Elizabeth and then we saw the second illegal senator who hails from ‘da crazy hill’ taking the oath of office in the Upper House. Yeah, hell yesterday brought plenty jokes.

We saw the funniest thing with the clerk of the Senate when she came to the House requesting MPs to join the GG and the ‘Vigzy head people’ in the square. The clerk herself was wearing two twisted wigs and as one writer said, “She gat on three sets a hair on; her own, the horse own and one with the colonial trappings”

Then it was Senator Jacinta Higgs the woman who must have murdered a peacock to fashion her hat, which looked like a jet black mini Tower of Babel!

Jokes aside, then there were some awkward scenes. Like when Christie and Hubert walked together. From our recollection, this was a first, mind you we could be wrong. But we cannot remember ever in our history a government walk with opposition side by side. Let the people booooooo them by theyself!

Then we saw Errol Bethel standing at the bar of the Parliament shaking like a reed after all that cheating and underhandedness he conspired in Lizzy. All the voter fraud he over saw and after all the registering in the midnight hours the baldhead man still had the nerve to come in the House. Boy, this one Junkanoo society!

Then it was ‘Da SNITCH’ who tried to capture the moment and Papa sure sit his ‘bahind’ down fast! The nerve of him to call for a select committee to look into the deaths of the three Grand Bahama men who perished in the March 29th tornado disaster. A public inquiry must be had into the matter, but look who in the hell calling for an investigation? ‘Da Snitch’? Vell muddo!

The man who Murrio Ducille called “the initiator” in the John Travolta trial? Could this be the same MP who conceived the plot to extort more than $25 million from the grieving Travolta family? The same ‘Snitch’ who gat another PLP member in a dunghill-load-a-trouble! Could this be the MP who we know destroyed one of his colleague’s marriage?, is seen parading in church with another woman, force another one to buy her own wedding ring while he sent his ‘main male squeeze’ to New York to work in the Tourism office? Could this be the MP who overspent more than $1 MILLION IN THE MINITRY OF TOURISM WITHOUT CABINET APPROVAL? We better stop there before we start fuming at the mouth.

‘Da Snitch’ should be shame to mention the word ‘INVESTIGATION’ when his record is steeped in corruption, crookedness and sleaze! He better sit down before the FNM call a select committee to investigate his dealing in the Ministry of Tourism on a contract issued to a PR firm, where more than $300,000 a year was paid into a MP’s wife TCI bank account! But we are not going there today! Obie, sit you-know-what DOWN!

There was much to be happy about yesterday. We saw Mrs. Christie was back in her role. That looked good. Quwasi Thompson the MP from Grand Bahama looked like the real image of a rising star representing us in the ‘Golden Generation’.

Mrs. Delores Ingraham was just stunning. Man ‘D’ that aqua suit and royal hat took Rawson Square by storm.

While Duane Sands was on the outside looking for a chair, one the highlights of the day was the seating of Ryan Pinder in the Parliament. Ooooooohhhhh we at BP were bursting with pride and glittered like the stars. Mrs. Pinder was golden, standing like Lady Pindling would say, ‘By Her Man’. Then there was Brave Davis and Bernard Nottage as one would put it, standing on the right side of history! As Pinder signed the book making his election final, we could hear the RBPF band strike up music as if President Obama was about to walk into the room.

All we could say was ‘looka Change eh’?


After a selfish MP abandoned the people of Elizabeth we said, RYAN PINDER SHALL SEATED AS THE NEXT MP FOR LIZZY! AMEN!