The third homicide was recorded in Rupert Dean Lane tonight – the victim is Dario Dawkins…


Three shot in the Rupert Dean Lane community of Bain and Grants Town…

Live scenes in Rupert Dean Lane where Dario Dawkins was killed this evening.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting another homicide recorded in the country just moments ago. It follows one just hours yesterday.

Police are on the scene of a fatal shooting in the Rupert Dean Lane community of Bains and Grants Town. The victim of the fatal shooting we are learning is Dario Dawkins.

We know two males were initially shot with and a four-year-old child. Dawkins died in hospital a short time later

This homicide records the third homicide in just over 36 hours the second homicide claiming the life of Rony Jean Charles. 

Charles you would recall launched a constitutional challenge on his ability to acquire citizenship in the Bahamas. He was stabbed to death in the community of Royal Palm Street late last evening.

We report yinner decide!