Thieves and Rogues at NIB Part 4 – Cargill's lavish training payouts


cargillNassau, Bahamas — Dark clouds are hovering over the National Insurance Board today with flashes of lighting and thunder like conditions approaching all around. A weeklong probe at the nation’s premier social security institution by Bahamas Press continues with telling revelations.

Sources at the National Insurance Board now tell us management has been scurrying around up and down the building in an attempt to put information in lock-down, cautioning staff not go to the route of sharing information with members of the media and warning them if they proceed to do, they would have committed a criminal offense.

NIB should not put its business on the street nor would it been there had they found justifiable reasons to fire several executives during the summer who now know the Board’s dirty spending secrets.

Today, Bahamas Press ventures into another charge of money squandering by the Board’s management team.

Last week the former minister with responsibility for NIB, Shane Gibson, further charged the Board paid $7,000 per session to a trainer for training services to its employees. Gibson said, “Even though there is a training officer at NIB, I was advised that NIB paid someone $7,000.00 per session for 23 sessions of training, which could have been done in-house.”

In a failed attempt to respond to Gibson’s claims, director at NIB Algernon Cargill responded saying, “NIB has always employed external trainers as and when needed. As for the astronomical sums quoted, I can simply say that it is incorrect. I know of no one who was paid anywhere near the sums quoted and consider that NIB obtained considerable value for money through the engagement of an external trainer and can already see the benefits of this exercise as we continue to transform NIB into a more customer friendly and efficient organization.”

Moreover, Cargill in a round-a-bout way confirmed that training did take place. Bahamas Press can now confirm training did indeed take place for staff at NIB. Newly elected council to the Bahamas Bar and radio talk show host, Jeffery Lloyd, is indeed the person who carried out those questionable training exercises.jeff-lloyd

Therefore, we again ask the Prime Minister and minister with responsibility for NIB the following questions;

  • What was the exact amount paid to Lloyd for the 23 sessions for training at NIB?
  • What kind of training did Lloyd provide to NIB employees that justified the alleged hefty $7,000 per session payout by The Board?
  • Was the alleged contract amount of $161,000 allegedly paid to Lloyd ‘Hush Money’ following the closure of the Youth Service programme, he assisted in organizing down in Andros?

Readers would remember the “good deacon” was intricately involved with the National Youth Programme in Andros.

Lloyd is/was the director of a Catholic Church-sponsored programme called YEAST, which was involved in a joint-ventured programme labelled the National Youth Service Restorative Programme. The programme graduated 41 boys after nine months of intensive training on Andros. And was to conclude with another 100 of our misguided delinquent youth (males between 12 and 19) to be enrolled in the YEAST programme following the graduation. However, the Ingraham laid the Youth Service idea on the chopping board like the woodsman holding his axe and chopped the programme away into the shed with his dastard STOP, CANCEL and REVIEW POLICY.

So much for the young people ‘Papa Doc’ claims love so dearly.

Lloyd we know never whispered a word following the government’s cancellation of the programme and now we know why.

Whilst the young men needed guidance and direction, Lloyd’s Catholic buddy and NIB director Cargill was getting greased to keep his tongue in his head. Lloyd never lashed a line of rebuke against the government for the cancellation of the programme as NIB and its now shaky director doled out thousands of the people’s money to keep him quiet. Boy, even the deacons could be bought in this town…

Bahamas Press continues our probe into NIB tomorrow, when our finding will take us to Abaco in Winding Bay.


  1. @DIAMOND I am a very good friend of Miranda. We shoot the breeze all the time, in and out the workplace. Get your facts together. The issue is NIB’s careless spending. If you want to defend her – ok! She is a FINE lady, however she dislikes rough seas. Let her speak in her own defense it will help her improve her skills for the promotion in waiting.

  2. @Reformer
    Reformer all I can say to you is the lady work in Legal like you say and she also worked for a law office so she know the law. But right now everyone needs to be fed up with you and the rest who cant get over this foolish thing. Reformer the INFORMERS coming at you. They know what you did last summer.

  3. @Bahamasyouth
    I so proud of you. Take a stand for the truth. BP is trying to offer them an avenue to put forth suggestions and solution and he running on with foolish talk. Keep up the good work Bahama Youth.

  4. @DIAMOND on Russell Johnson
    He’s very immature, ignorant and bias to ever hold a sensible DEBATE/CONVERSATION about. Its very sad but he sooo caught up with these PLP vs FNM that whenever someone either has:

    1. Something POSITIVE to say about the FNM administration
    2. Something Negative about the PLP administration

    He will automatically accuse you of being a FNM supporter which is very very IGNORANT. So dont waist your time responding to his foolishness. Its sad that there are a plenty “Russells” in this country but we all must put aside these political games and pointing fingers to try FIX THIS BEAUTIFUL Country called The Bahamas.

  5. @Terrance
    Boy you only working at NIB on a little salary and further more you already exposed leave them people name out of your mouth. The woman is part owner in a computer company. Listen all that foolish talk the woman I hear open two stores she had to change the name of her other store because NIB people was all in the woman business. By the way could someone inform this clowns who trying to get at this woman that this woman family have dough. They from one island where they had the sense to save money during the big trade time. Lord have mercy on these people. I need to go to NIB and talk to this lady so she can educate these fools. Well if she can’t afford one computer damn as hell she does roll on the weekend in one luxury car like the pastor own LOL. They need to call her DIAMOND. I coming to see her reformer and terrance because you all hating on the woman and you all work together.

  6. @Russell Johnson
    I want to answer you fool for the lady. You know how stupid you sound, Mo wonder like they say HAI dont want anything to do with you. From reading the lady comments who side she said she took. From what I read, she encourage everyone to ket the facts come out. BP no one wants anything to do with this fool you know he never have anyhting to say that makes sense. But you know something if I am right and am sure reformer and his NIB buddies can say this woman aint have nothing to worry about. Well the last thing I heard was from a contractor who building one big home for this lady. But my sources at NIB said they gave this girl a hard time from she gone there. Her own first cousin wife tried to get the lady fired because lady took time of without pay to deal with some matters. BP I dont know what reformer and the rest of them talking about but if this lady came there and perform and got promoted something wrong with them for just staying at NIB and being the water boy for their better half who I heard got axe. Man stop hating on the woman. You suppose to be man be intelligent and stick to the facts.

  7. @Terrance
    Hey Terrance maybe you can buy her one. But I forgot you broke. Why you and these other people in the Board so concern with Miranda. I really can’t believe you all gone from one thing to the nest . It is very true that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Maybe Tommy overlook you as a criminal that’s why u so vocal, you really want to get in Fox Hill taking your life style into consideration. You all do stupid this company is not even base in The Bahamas. Why you alltrying to bring down your own. Leave the girl alone and focus on your own business. Youu have any money to support yourself in a lawsuit because everyone knows who you and the reformer is.

  8. I also work in the same arena as Ms. Burrows and I have never heard a more incorrect statement. Ms. Burrows is a woman of integrity and class. Moreover, regarding her promotion, she earned and deserved every bit of that promotion through her determination, knowledge and working capabilities (her performance in her work). Keep doing your thing Ms. Burrows!!!!

  9. I have not heard from burrows for a while I guess cargil told her to be quiet and not respond on the board because don’t have a computer home of her own. May be Tommy or Orville can get one for her

  10. @Examiner
    The wicked COP was sacked and his two Secretarys just vanished and no one knows where they are.Persons who support, wrong and spiteful empires all know that they go down with thieves and corrupters.Miranda is one who reminds me of all the wicked women who have walked on this earth.I hope she replies so that i can mash her up since my favorite target bahamasyouth has retired and am advertising for a new punching bag..

  11. Reformer :@media I sense “Fed Up” is in NIB legal department as a clerk, with plenty to loose if the status-queue changes. TRUST me! (Protect the quarter back is the new motto here at NIB and you will be rewarded)

    The pocket has collasped and he is about to be sacked.The inside linebacker is Mugabe himself.

  12. @media I sense “Fed Up” is in NIB legal department as a clerk, with plenty to loose if the status-queue changes. TRUST me! (Protect the quarter back is the new motto here at NIB and you will be rewarded)

  13. @bahngr
    You think he gat something to tell us? I wouldn’t be surprise if he ain’t on a them being accused of approving this SPENDING SPLURGE! WHAT WICKEDNESS, ROBBING THE POOR!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. @“FED UP”
    Fed Up please help us, the Bahamian public out with what you know, have heard or believe. You don’t have to call names if you don’t know them or state anything as fact if you’re not sure but please help us and tell us what you know, what you hear or what you believe to be the case.

  15. @swanson
    Please stop blaming Deacon Lloyd. He submitted a proposal, it was accepted and he did what he proposed. As ridiculous as the price may have been he stole NOTHING and has nothing to be ashamed of, his price is his price!.

  16. BP, it appears as if Cargill and That stupid friend of his, Kenuth have been having a good time from the peoples money. I think jail time should be in order for these two lowlifes. I am calling for an independent probe into these allegations. We should also look into the contract given by Dr. Minnis to his crony, Gregory Williams. It is a big time construction job at Sandilands. Williams was the former FNM MP for Baintown. There is tribalism going on in this Country. We need change Bahamas.

  17. swanson :if it is correct Deacon.Lloyd should give that money back so that persons who realy need it can have it in these hard days.And Mr.Cargil retire fortwith.

    Well, it’s a waste of time asking Kenuth to bring his back, because I could tell you right now, aint nothing happening there.

  18. @Awakened

    @“FED UP”
    What cargil and his exces not getting the allowance any more? 1500.00 lol why cargil order fugi water and the staff drinks regular water answer that I now see why HIA was taking a long time to confirm Cargil he knows the nature of the beast

  19. @“FED UP”

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  20. @N C L Smith My boy/girl, who or whatever you are, the board can come up with whatever they want to but anything dealing with moving that amount of funds out of the coffers of NIB has to go through the Cabinet, I won;t even go to your level of trying to insult you,…… again you will go there because you’ve got nothing better to contribute, you come on this site complaining because our PM and your beloved leader is being ridiculed for the inept job he is doing, by giving monies to his cronies, are you trying to become one?.

  21. Please Bahamas Press stop with the non sense, if there need to be any investigations at NIB it should be against the past Executives[yes the ones who were fired in August] who gave themselves regular increases, and hefty car allowance{$1,500 per month for gas} not to mention the lunch allowance they gave themselves and excess promotions to their cronies, who i believe is now trying to destroy NIB with all this talk. Please investigate the telephone system at the Robinson Road building, the J. L Centre, Buena Vista and the LaPlaya[house at goodmans bay] deals. Do Mr Editor please let us know your findings?

  22. In fact Mr. Lloyd protested loudly both privately and publicly via his show. I think this is the reason he was paid what Mr. Cargill described as “astronomical” fees. This is classic Jeff Lloyd though. He knows how to play the game and was in fact earning a tidy sum from YEAST, thus the protest.

  23. @ Awakened… seems that you are not the sharpest knife in the draw…NIB has a board .. they do not need cabinet approval… so please stop while you are ahead.. try to get a brief history and knowledge of how gobvernment works before you come here talking fool but worst …looking as fool as the foolishnesh you write…


  24. if it is correct Deacon.Lloyd should give that money back so that persons who realy need it can have it in these hard days.And Mr.Cargil retire fortwith.

  25. Cargil please step down I no there’s more dirt on you it is so funny how five days in winding bay can change to two you you know what I am talking about

  26. @Kim Sands Stop it!!!!, these monies are not paid out or any of these decision made with the Cabinet approving it, that is what BP is trying to show ya’ll without having to say it, COME ON!!!, HAI and his ministers know what is going on when it comes down to big moves, money like that just can’t get up and walk out of NIB, HAI, biz ain’t that slack, remember only PC runs a slack ship.

  27. I hope these people who are accused of being overpaid by NIB, would have some conscience if they were in fact over paid and they would put the excess monies back into fund, so monies could be in place for future generations. The Prime Minister really needs to look into these allegations on a serious note and make them accountable if he finds that they were abusing the people’s monies. Even if he doesn’t want to jail them, make them pay the monies back.

  28. @N C L Smith
    Perhaps you can ask Deacon Lloyd what is he paid for the radio show he does daily. We guarantee you it is not even a quarter as much as each session paid by NIB.

    We Cry Shame on Cargill for squandering NIB [THE PEOPLE’s] MONEY in this vain.


  29. Now I think that you all are threading down a dangerous path…. NIB and it executives are even game if they did wrong… but please stop putting up lies and mistruths to serve your PLP agenda…

    Dec. Lloyd gets more his time that what was paind to him by the board at NIB and I am sure that NIB got value for their money..

    stop your nonsense.. BP ya’ll need to stop all you do all day is spread lies and them more lies…

    so please stop it..

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