Thieves in stolen truck on Abaco crashed into a wall! Police has yet to arrive on the scene….


What has happened to law and order on Abaco?

Crash victims in runaway truck on Abaco being assisted by residents following freak accident.

Abaco| Bahamas Press is following a serious story out of Abaco where two thieves were allowed to steal a truck, get high, get drunk and move through the streets of Abaco in a disorderly manner.

The thugs came on a property, spinning around in the truck. They were chased off.

But about 10 minutes later, the men crashed into a concrete wall across from The Regattas in Marsh Harbour.

Police never arrived on the scene – which confirms Abaco has turned into a lawless community!

Medical teams did arrive, though, and took both men to be treated.

What is happening with law and order in Abaco?

We report yinner decide!