Thousands of Civil Servants to be sent home over the next two year period with new “FIRE DEM ACT”! – RECESSION COMING!


Nassau – The Government announces the opening of rubber stamp consultation on the Financial Responsibility Act, which provides the political cover for this administration to continue with their plan to dismiss an additional 10,000 civil servants in the next two years.

The Government’s diabolical plan to destroy the black middle class is contained in the draft bill. It calls for a $300 million deficit reduction in the next two years. Given that the Government has ignored the advice of the IMF not to tamper with the VAT framework and has already set about dismantling VAT through exemptions this amount of deficit reduction is only possible through mass lay-offs in the public sector.

Bahamians should prepare for another recession as widespread public sector layoffs would trigger a recession in the economy and social upheaval in many of our communities.

Meanwhile Brent them are running wild set to grab more than they can handle.

We report yinner decide!


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