Too much stress gat this JACKASS exposed and left citizens in shock!


Police must track cameras to identify this JACKASS!

Man caught on the beach!
Man caught on the beach!

Nassau, Bahamas – There are some stories we hate to report which reduces the high road we should be taking the society, but this was one we were so disgusted by, we had to report it.

While decent citizens were enjoying the Montaqu Beach scene a pervert was on the shoreline soiling his seats masturbating was in full public view. The scene left one woman almost throwing up her lunch as the jackass became unconscious of his surroundings.

We cry Dutty SHAME on the man who some must conclude ain’t getting none at home. Why come in a public space to drop ya pants for all the public to see? We hope the public cameras caught this Jack-off Bandit and drag his @%!# before the courts.

Some people just have no damn shame!

We report yinner decide!

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