Tory Smith met with NIB Director Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle on Monday!


Did Tonya Adderley influence the appointment of her brother-in-law to the Chairmanship of NIB?

NIB Headquarters

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning Troy Smith has reported for duty as the new Chairman of the National Insurance Board.

Yesterday Smith showed up at a meeting to see new Director Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle. She was appointed to the position last month.

We know little about Smith other than he is related to the former NIB Deputy Chairman Dave Smith who has moved on to the Bahamas Development Bank.

We also know that Troy is the brother-in-law of the famous Munnings Road Madame Tonya Adderley, who is a member of that big Southwest Ridge Community which caused an entire road to close against the wishes of the public, ultimately causing the death of a young woman. The 22-year-old Garvanisha Carey died after her car struck several concrete barriers that closed off Munnings Road back in June. We believe her family has a strong case against both the government and the association in the community.

These are some interesting connections, though. One must wonder what influence did Tonya aka Miss CLOSE THE ROAD have on her brother-in-law’s appointment. These are interesting times.

Troy Smith has not been in a corporate environment for years – and we believe he is not current. This is especially a problem because NIB needs strong corporate direction and stability.

We report yinner decide!