Troy Garvey says NEMA’s Office on GB leaves much to be desired

Troy Garvey

Good Afternoon Mr. Russell,

My name is Troy Garvey, a community activist here in Freeport Grand Bahama. Mr.Russell, the Nema office here in Grand Bahama captured my attention in a disappointing circumstance. I visited the office of NEMA week last and to my amazement, I witnessed the most disturbing situation that is beyond acceptable.

When I called the office earlier in the day there was no answer and I said to myself that “the Nema office is’nt answering?” to me this was strange, so, therefore I proceeded to the office, upon arrival, I went to the office of the Prime Minister first, with the intention of stopping in at the Nema office on my way out but to my advantage, or at least I thought it was, I met Ms.Pinder on the same floor and I spoke to her and told her that I would stop by to ask a few questions in reference to the hurricande season and in my area in particular. When I got to the office, I then told Ms. Pinder that I was trying to call earlier and there was no answer but before she could of answered me, I then asked her if her receptionist is out to lunch?she replied, “there is none”, I then,being concern, asked her ” who else is in the office with you? “she replied” nobody else,it’s just me one in the office, that is why you got no answer when you called because I was upstairs copying some information.” Now this blew me down…NEMA OFFICE HAS ONE PERSON IN IT?

Now Mr. Russell, this is unacceptable and I refuse to stand by and allow anything like this to take place. I then did my investigations into this and have found out that there is no receptionist, there is no messenger,  Ms. Pinder is the office clerk (and this took me by surprise because she is basically running the whole office and is only a clerk? there is no chief clerk and there is no Executive officer in this office, SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE! I spoke with some persons out of Nassau and I found out that previous Directors were trying to seek to have this corrected but to no avail.

Mr. Russell, I am of the view that, this is going to be a very busy hurricane season and with one person in this office, it cannot be sustained. Ms. Pinder is working under extreme conditions and is dedicated to her workplace. Therefore sir, I am reaching out to you with the greatest respect, to look into this expeditiously, so that this error can be corrected immediately.

I await your most urgent response in this matter.

Troy Garvey,
President & Founder,
Operation Justice Bahamas.
Community Activist.


  1. shame on you Troy, you and rodney must be twins, all over the place lookig for publicity…..GO get a life an run for the DNA or PLP all u all just alike. Most of NEMA work is done through other departments, when a emergency happens then a full operation is launched using all resources. You are a smart man now go figure.

  2. Isn’t Apostle Jamal Rolle the FNM parrot aka mouthpiece sits in at the NEMA Office as well or is he invisible posting propaganda on facebook all day

  3. Mr. Troy Garvey, I often listen when you speak, but on this topic, you are talking horse manure.
    You are saying “…there is no “chief clerk” and there is no “Executive officer” in this office…”

    First, please tell me what are MEMA’s duties?
    And if we hire all the above, who is going to find their salaries?
    It funny you all agreed that Grand Bahama does not need a weather metrology office, why do you need MEMA?

    Soon the MEMA staff would want a UNION, but then that is another story.

  4. Thank you BP for this print..It is clear to say,that to this date,there was no reply from Mr.Russell….Where is the Professionalism in these people?…..Where is the HUMAN RESOURCES?…..Where is the STAFF,to adequately MAN this OFFICE HERE IN GRAND BAHAMA?????WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???NOBODY CARES HOW THINGS RUN IN THIS COUNTRY ANYMORE????MY GOODNESS,THIS IS THE NEMA OFFICE WITH ONE PERSON IN IN!!!!!!!!!!!FIX IT AND FIX IT NOW!!!!!I WILL BE DEALING WITH THIS…..

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