Two Police officers questioned and released after being accused of robbing a woman


A BP News Alert:

BP has learned two officers of the RBPF mobile division was held for questioning on Monday following a complaint by a woman in the Cowpen area. The woman alleges both officers robbed her of $300 as she exited a numbers house.The woman we are told had won a number on Monday.
The both officers were questioned and released due to insufficient evidence.


  1. I wish to congratulate the COP and his executive team on their efforts in minimizing corruption on the RBPF. However, there is evidence of corruption in the entire public service. But it gets tricky here because of the police are dealing with its officers. Though there is corruption in the RBDF,HMP,Customs,Immigration and Road Traffic Department. There is no consequences for wrong doings so it paints the picture that only the police are corrupt in the eyes of the public. “Its perception you know”

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