Union Leaders at NIB have jumped ship and left line staff stranded!

NIB Headquarters

Dear Bahamas Press,

Please keep me anonymous.

I am currently a line staff at the National Insurance Board.  I have been a clerk for 10 years now with a degree. 

Due to social promotion and political interference, I applied for positions I am qualified for and l have not been successful. 

In my opinion, l believe it is either personal or there is too much political interference especially from the government-appointed 11 member board.

We have seen it all. While there is a freeze on hiring and promotions, yet temps are being hired and they are about to launch an Inspectors Course for external purposes only. This is a breech in our Industrial Agreement where all positions are to be posted internally then externally. This has not happened!

Since our Line Staff Union Executives have jumped ship, we have no one to turn to. How do they expect for those of us who depend on NIB for our own wages to be productive if this continues?


A Dedicated NIB Staffer