VAT has made us much smarter as shoppers….


Writer says she is a smarter shopper because of VAT!

Dear Editor,

Last week an encounter at a local gas station opened my eyes to the advice given by the VAT experts. They advised consumers to demand their receipts when making purchases, to ensure that the amounts charged were identical to what was being presented on the shelves with vat applied.

While at a gas station on West Bay Street this week I picked up several items and was told verbally what my cost was. I then asked the cashier to please provide me a receipt for those purchases. Interestingly, the cashier had not only not rung up the items, but she could not remember what was already in my bag.

She never cashed the items up.

My advice to merchants: VAT introduction has made us with the purchasing power much wiser! We follow every line on our receipts where in the past we were negligent.

I am happy for the VAT introduction, as I won’t be getting robbed anymore! To the owner of that gas station on West Bay Street, if I were you I would investigate the cashier, cause it is obvious your items are moving off the shelf and the funds are not going into the register!


Mildred Bethel

VAT PSA 14 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

PSA 18 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.