Vice Principal and Human Resources Manager drops an atomic bomb letter on the Committee of Management at Kingsway Academy!


NASSAU| As you know, Bahamas Press does not missing anything and today we are learning two staff members of Kingsway Academy High School have dropped an atomic bomb letter on the Committee of Management at the school.

Only BP will tell you the Vice Principal of the High School School, Ms. Devona Ferguson, and the Human Resources Manager, Ms. Karen Adderley, both tendered their resignations from that institution with immediate effect. 

Now you should recall, when BP published our main story on the rogue 6th-grade teacher who lowered the standards of education back in August, that the Committee of Management was about to commit a major overhaul in the management at Kingsway. But, before part two could commence, the pair dropped bricks on the Management.

After the departure of the Primary School administration back in August, the school’s structures began to crumble.

We can tell you the new principal came in changing everything and incorporating her former school’s [Temple Christian School] methods of operation.

Well, the new methods of operations have reduced the morale of staff members who now do not know what to expect. Every day must be greeted with plenty of prayers and fasting as the environment is like walking on eggshells.

The Committee of Management is now given a directive from Mrs. Beckles, who is the real boss and resides in the United States, to continue with changes. We know the Acting Director of Affairs is now prepared to carry those changes out as BP watches the ax being laid at the tree.

QUESTION: Why is it that Kingsway has such a high turnover of staff? We believe the truth to that question is this: there is too much hatred, backbiting, backstabbing and rank jealousy, which is evident and rampaging all across the campus.

Anyway, stay tuned as BP now has its eyes back on KINGSWAY!

We report yinner decide!