Water disruptions commenced all across New Providence today…

WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson and Union President Dwayne Woods.

NASSAU| This morning will be a showdown between all staff [management/staff] and the Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation Adrian Gibson as a second day of strikes calls for the removal of the Executive Chairman.

Both management and staff want the Chairman gone and they will settle for nothing less.

Today water supply around the island of New Providence is off and emergency lines to update residents are not responding. This latest showdown between Gibson and workers began yesterday following the suspension of an employee whose vehicle was parked on the WSC compound on University Drive over the weekend.

That employee Phil Williams, a meter reader at the Corporation, was sent home without pay on Monday for five working days.

This strike action also comes after another employee, an executive within the union, was also sent home and bold attempts to have that employee fired are being considered.

A spokesman at WSC told BP, “We have had it up to here with the Chairman Adrian Gibson who is immature, unprofessional, petty and childish when it comes to dealing with seasoned professionals at WSC. We will not allow anyone to bring us to this state of juvenile behaviour! he must be gone! We are sick and tired of his style and we want the Prime Minister to deal with this situation immediately!”

Rumours of staff being tapped also arose when, Harry Joseph, an ex-police who eventually resigned from the Corporation, told police he was hired to investigate employees. Joseph was reported to police by another employee, Kimberley Rolle, who resigned from WSC following the discovery. Joseph is alleged to have been hired by Gibson and not one paper trail of how he came into WSC was found by Human Resources.

Meanwhile, silence has come from the Minister with responsibility for WSC Desmond Bannister. Is he even in the country these days? And if not where is he these days? Some told us Bannister for weeks now was somewhere in Asia – but who know?

Well anyway, we all will learn how important water is today. Water is now officially off all across New Providence. ADRIAN GIBSON must be gone!

We report yinner decide!