Weekly Cabinet Minutes in the hands of DNA Leader?

Did Branville McCartney LIE AGAIN? Well only the Cabinet Secretary Anita Bernard could confirm.

Did Branville LIE to the country while on his road to DEFEAT?

Nassau, Bahamas — When Cabinet Ministers meet tomorrow a proper inspection of Cabinet protocols will be discussed as sources in the OPM told BP a leak is somewhere in the room. Hubert Ingraham told reporters last week he is still looking for the ‘leaker’.

Bahamas Press has learnt information from a source in the DNA confirms that weekly Cabinet Minutes have ended up in the hands of the DNA leader, Branville McCartney.

Sources in the OPM tell us the PM is feverishly seeking out who ‘da leaker’ is in hopes to stop the flow of information discussed in the most sacred chamber in the country.

Sunday past, the DNA self appointed leader while on the talk show of Jones and Co, suggested that PLP leader Perry Christie was invited to join a Cabinet Meeting along with Hubert Ingraham and colleagues before the announcement of Kerzer’s takeover by Brookfield. He further charged that Mr. Christie, who is not even a member of the Cabinet, agreed to the deal met by the government on Brookfield! The thought suggests the crowded room of FNM knuckleheads could not come to a conclusion and therefore, needed the wise counsel of Christie, who is set to take the reins of power following the 2012 General Elections.

Perry Christie with special guest artist at the PLP Conclave in East.

PLP leader Perry Christie in a press conference has since denied the “wild accusations” stating for the record, “The DNA states that I was in the Cabinet room with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to discuss the Brookfield purchase of Atlantis. I was not.”

The Cabinet Secretary, Anita Bernard, has not confirmed whether any discussion with Christie and the Ingraham Cabinet, nor has any member of the Government commented on such following McCartney’s outlandish claims.

Bahamas Press, however, is not shocked or surprised by the DNA’s “pathological liar” as we have come face to face with ‘da’ jelly coconut head before.

Readers would remember how Branville McCartney went to the press and lied to the fact that he had not given Rodney Moncur a letter of ratification after he [Moncur] announced his candidacy for the Bain and Grants Town seat in the DNA on Hard Copy with host Steve McKinney.

Anita Bernard, Secretary to the Cabinet cannot advise the nation whether Branville LIED TO THE PUBLIC on National Radio.

Readers should remember, the following day in an interview with the Tribune Reporter, Sancheska Brown, McCartney said he was unaware of Moncur being named as the candidate for the Party and when pressed did not want to comment further on the matter.

He lied about his acceptance of a $5,000 retainer for his law firm from BAIC Chairman Edison Key, while he sat in the Cabinet of the Bahamas as the junior minister. Key told Parliament McCartney solicited the business while he was a minister in the Government. The couple, however, were seen later that weekend hugging up each other on a field in Moores Island, perhaps kissing and making up.

Again while on a DNA platform in December, when news swirled on Bahamas Press of defections from the green party, McCartney branded our comments as lies. Well Steve Mckinney has left and so did the candidate for MICAL. But that’s neither here nor there.

What was interesting though in the case of Steve McKinney. McCartney went on LIVE TV with ZNS to suggest that someone was selected as the candidate for Fort Charlotte over Mr. McKinney and therefore the incident was one of sour grapes. The facts at the time proved opposite, as Mr. McKinney held a ratification letter signed by McCartney confirming him as the DNA candidate for Fort Charlotte.

Nothing surprises BP with McCartney anymore; perhaps he is going around that “Special” place in South America, telling friends he is already Prime Minister of the Bahamas! What a dream!

Branville McCartney and Edison Key in a warm embrace. Key say he never knew Branville - even though they both ran on the same ticket. We wonder if they knew each other yesterday? Playing games with the Bahamians People!

What we find shocking in all this though, is the fact that Members of the Ingraham Government have not said a word over the wild allegations posted by the DNA leader. The fact makes it even more possible to suggest what Steve Mckinney reported back in December; when he noted according to his investigations, that a backdoor deal between the DNA and FNM has been carved for seven members of the Green Party.

The DNA claims Christie was meeting with Ingraham’s Cabinet, which foolishly suggests that the FNM Cabinet was relying on Perry Christie’s advice and not Hubert Ingraham.

And on that note we ask this, could Brent Symonette’s departure make way for Branville as the new Deputy Leader of the FNM?

Steve Mckinney we believe is DEAD-ON to something!! And we shall see…

We report yinner decide!


  1. BP is the honorable Brent Symonette the leaker? is Brent Symonette funding the DNA party? Why the sudden departure and no word from him. Also does Earl Deveauxs work for Brent Symonette? Can you please give some insights to these burning questions

  2. Stick to the story, what it means is that Hubert is keeping Christie in the loop of the situation with Kerzner in case Christie takes over he would keep the fake story going until the situation changes.

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