When will Berbile, the Art Teacher from Eight Mile Rock Get Arrested?


pantsdown1sm<<< The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Police are both caught with their pants down once again. Two boys,  former students of the Eight Mile Rock High School has filed a complaint against an art teacher with the RBPF, who molested them and others over an eight year period. The teacher lured the boys into an after school programmed said to be conducted by the MOE. However that programme proved to be a Pedophile PLOT for the teacher and his merry men on Grand Bahama. WHAT A WICKED PLOT NOW BEING UNCOVERED DEEP IN EIGHT MILE ROCK!

Nassau, Bahamas: Parents should sue The Ministry of Education if it continues to allow molestations to take place in the public school system.

Bahamas Press has learned that to this very day the art teacher of the Eight Mile Rock High School, who molested male students, has yet to be jailed and arrested by officer of the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE. Bahamas Press has learned that both parents of two men have filed reports at the Eight Mile Rock Police Station and still to this date nothing has been done.


This is amazing! Young minors can be raped for almost eight years in this country and the ministry of education can only see the need to move the teacher to another school. Bahamas Press is on the search of getting a photo of this ART TEACHER who is now stationed in Nassau and is taking up a post in another classroom here in the capital.

The Ministry of Education should be ASHAME of itself, cloaking PEDOPHILES in its administration and when frustrated parents come forth, one whose son is now infected with HIV, all the ministry could do is send that PEDOPHILE to another classroom to ruin more kids? THIS IS WRONG! And we at Bahamas Press call on the ministry to begin assisting the police in this matter or face a WILD ATTACK ONCE against on Bahamas Press.



  1. While I do not condone the behaviour of any person who abuses children in any way, I caution all to resist the urge to rush to judgement. The public releasing of this man’s name was ill-advised. And are we really certain this man has been assigned to a school? If he has please name the school so that parents who are uncomfortable may remove their children or make a direct request of the Ministry to remove him. He should either have been put on leave or been assigned some educational tasks that removed him from any contact with children until he has been tried in court if indeed there is even any concrete evidence that a crime has been commited. Many lives have been ruined because false allegations have been made. There must be a reason why the police have not brought charges to date. Find out the facts Media before you make any more allegations.

  2. Thanks for the name BP at least the public knows who to look out for. I can’t belive that the ministry is still allowing this man to teach. Im sure that the person or persons that made the decission to place this man did not put him in a school where his or her kids are. They could care less, we are all responsible for our own. Call him out and make it imposible for him to continue working around children.

  3. It is so funny that Omar in expressing radical views is making it possible that he does not get a nomination for the PLP.As a newcomer to that party they are not going to have another Kenyatta Gibson.In respect to the allegatiions against the teacher in Grand Bahama evidence must be obtained before charges are brought.Unfortunately most cases in the Bahamas are tried in public and not by the Courts.This sort of justice must not be suppoprted or else vigilante justice would be the order of the day.

  4. I did not hear the show, but I read something this morning relating to the reason why Omar was thrown off the show. I expected a lot of GREAT things from Omar, so I will say that he has to follow the lead like Obama and reach out to ALL ! AS a great leader, you show compassion not judgement towards others. That does not mean that you condone certain things or way of life.

  5. Good morning Omar,what happen with you and Ortland H Bodie yesterday.You made history to be the first person that I have heard to be thrown off Mr. Ortland H Bodie show.It is good to make first, but try to do it in a positive way.With that type behaviour there is NO place in the PLP for persons like you.With this in mind stay focus and you would make it far in this this little country.

  6. The destruction of Freeport’s economy: I think the destruction of Freeport’s economy, which begun by the freaky events of Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances battering Freeport in an unusual manner, was an act of God, Justifying His destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.
    When evil continues to happen in a place and the proper authorities turns a blind eye, Divine intervention steps in. BP on that note, more people may have been involved with those Missing boys! The missing boys saga was in that 8-year span you mention with this BAD teacher.

  7. Omar Archer Sr.

    That gay bastard should be arrested immediately and whipped with a cow cock on rawson square for three days in his birthday suit….

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