Why Goliath (WUTLESS MEDIA), afraid of David?



Here are the faces of some people in The Bahamas who have become petrified with Bahamas Press. One person on here The Prime Minister, went to the extent and sent an email to this site following an EXPOSE’ on the Bahamas Information Service (BIS). From top (L to R) Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, Sir Arthur Foulkes (BIS director) Perry Christie, Carl Bethel, Zhivargo Laing and Tommy Turnquest, Eileen Carron, Oswald ‘Why you scared of the word MURDER’ Brown and John Marquis.

Nassau, Bahamas : All 265,354 persons that hit this website around the world every week cannot be wrong. Here is a blog, like many others around the world that has awaken a base in search of truth. We know however why Bahamas Press has come under attack by so many of others, outside our loyal readers (the newspaper publishers and some broadcasters in The Bahamas). Even some so called VETERAN WRITERS in the country cannot stand us, after stealing our stories to make their morning headline. But what has happened so serious on here, why now the morning discussions in the Cabinet room and boardrooms in and around the country are all taking about this Bahamas Press?

We have made it our mandate to do opposite to what media in The Bahamas does. The other publishers [who hate this place] spin readers in the country from the truth, and then later crop up lies to deflect the country from what is really going on. Point and case, take the week long ‘Forest FIRE’ episode that ran in the news for a week as a headline story on ZNS in particular. Meanwhile bodies were being discovered across town, and human smuggling rings were landing at LPI. Now their nerves are recked to see us carry news faster than they can break it. Up-to-the-minute!

Another reason is the fact that for a while now – media in The Bahamas – have sold themselves to the highest bidder. Yes, Bahamians are just coming to terms with that fact. Persons pay to get published. Lies are paid to be told. Let us just look at how many times the ‘Just Rush Parade’ has been reported on the newscast. You think they [publishers/broadcasters] just found it as interesting news everyday and night? Or are organizers paying to get it on the news? Now is that is amazing! The people whom are entrusted to feed the truth, would know crimes are being committed, would not write a ‘lick’ about it. Second case and point, the Queen’s College episode. There it went the 17 year old son of Carl Bethel, minister of education having sex on the school campus with a 13 year old minor, and not a word from the press to report it nor question the minister. Not even a press call to the minister to ask his involvement in a cover up. In fact one paper ‘the rag sheet’ Tribune, went as far in their editorial to defend the right of the school to cover up a crime. ‘TWISTED MINDS INDEED!’

Then there is the fact where Bahamas Press ‘pull no punches’ and rides on no wagon of political support. Recently the ‘GUTTER RAG SHEET TABLOID’ The Punch claimed we were the, “…PLP’s political propaganda web-site…” Now that is laughable! The PLP knows and knows well the last thing this website wants is another CHRISTIE term. Or for that matter a CHRISTIE/INGRAHAM term as we now know it to be. But they don’t read that. These are the same persons that have gone on record to call on the Government to BAN Web publishing and Internet Publishing in the country. We believe publishers in North Korea, Cuba, Iran and China have more ‘open minds’ than those who operate behind the editorial pages here in The Bahamas.

The publishers in The Bahamas have it all, the large staff, the government contacts and connections. The huge, huge office facilities and the stacked PILE high list of contacts to flex their mighty muscles. They have become the Goliaths of the country crushing whomever they wish, that cross their paths. But suddenly there appears this small voice (BAHAMAS PRESS), this little tool, bearing three stones and a sling. No, we are not afraid, we have now become the VOICE of 265,354 weekly readers. We have become the little DAVID here in The Bahamas for all whom find it difficult to SPEAK UP against the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ and the wicked dark spots in country.


  1. Man Listen here! I thank God for BAHAMAS PRESS. There is so much stuff going on in this country that gets swept under the carpet. Nobody would have known about that QC scandal. Bahamians! Wake Up! In every society of the world the media is the voice and recourse of the people. I don’t buy the Guardian or the Tribune anymore. It’s not the truth. It’s make believe Alice in wonderland fairy tales and at the end of the story the government looks good. You know the tourists are watching and we don’t want the news to look too bad. Bahamians ain’t STUPID and every Bahamian reading this post wants the truth. They want the whole truth and let the chips fall. The daily paper sales have to be diminishing because I’m sure there are some other Bahamians out there who feel the same way I do. I ain’t wasting my money to buy doctored news. The Internet technology has come expose the mighty talent we have in Bahamas Press. The real news is here and the still small voice can be heard from the bush. David was anointed in the bush and from that day Goliath was perceived as dead in the sight of God. Its time for a Better Bahamas! I heard that somewhere before. Bahamas Press you are making it happen! You will stay strong! You have my support AND DON’T BACK DOWN!

  2. I applaud bahamaspress.I log on every morning
    intresting reading indeed.

    It amazes me how bahamians continue to support
    the tribune and john marquis insulting them,
    and anything black weekly. our standards for media is extremely low

  3. I culd not have said it better myself. I think that the Bahamian people need a news source that will continue to be competitive and let the newspaper giants in this country see that they are not the only ones who can generate things the nation wants to hear and read.
    Keep up the good work! Whenever there is truth to be told, don’t hesitate to publish it. Remember the only thing you can do with truth is believe it!!!!!

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