Why pets younger than six months not allowed in the Bahamas?

Photo: Top 6 months vs bottom pic at 4 months

Dear Bahamas Press,

I am writing because I wish to inquire about the current Bahamas Department of Agriculture pet travel policy and ask that an article be written about it.

Me and many of my friends wish to travel with our pet companions and sometimes they are younger than 6 months.  There are also people that are in the Bahamas who want to import exotic pets from overseas.

Unfortunately the department does not allow pets younger than 6 months to arrive in The Bahamas.

I have traveled extensively around the world with young cats as a pet nanny.  From Brazil, to Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and all around the world, the rule is 4 months old, which is the age that the pet can receive the rabies vaccine. 

The Bahamas must change this rule to allow more business to happen in the islands.

Also, the pet that is 4 months old is a baby kitten and very small, but, by 6 months, they’re much bigger, almost full grown size. Please see photos attached showing how much they grow in just 2 months.

I wish to request the Agriculture Department change this rule to conform with the current world policy.

Thank you for your attention!

Bina Maison