WICKED, GREEDY leadership at C. V. Bethel charges poor graduates $60 to collect a Graduation certificate? WHAT IS THIS?


Education Minister must arrest this bastardization of the poor students!

C. V. Bethel

NASSAU| The Ministry of Education should hang its head in shame after a local school in the South Beach Community is demanding students to pay $60 to graduate.

The students at C.V. Bethel were issued a notice on Friday that in order to graduate students must pay a $60 fee. The notice comes just one day before the Tuesday, June 30th graduation service.

How in the hell would anyone, knowing the crisis facing the nation and the world, would impose on the youth fees just to collect a certificate. WHAT IS THIS?

Bahamas Press calls on the leadership of C.V. Bethel to stop it! Stop the robbing of the poor! Boy, if decent people were not reading this page, we would a tell yinner bout yall MAH!

We report yinner decide!