Will PM Minnis address the corruption scandal inside the WATER AND SEWERAGE CORPORATION! Or will his continued silence prove how corrupt his government is?!

PM Most Honourable Ever Hubert Minnis and Adrian “Juvenile” Gibson.

NASSAU|  The FNM is expected to roll into Long Island this week to celebrate the corruption and scandals involving their embattled MP.

Bahamas Press wants to remind the Prime MInister that we do not want to hear any more lies and fluff from the podium. We want to get answers in the Adrian Gibson saga. 

We want to know two things specifically: (1) Was Adrian Gibson the fiancée of Alexandria Mackey? (2) Did Gibson and Mackey jointly hold an RBC bank account? Long Islanders and the nation wish to hear nothing else as the FNM party cradles THE CORRUPT!

We report yinner decide!