Wilsons and RBC pumps Big Money into COB….F. R. Wilson Graduate Business Centre underway


Representative of COB along with directors of Eleuthera Properties Ltd. and RBC  break ground to the new F. R. Wilson Graduate Business Centre, which will house graduate studies for students attending the soon to be named University of The Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas — A particularly significant day for education in The Bahamas as Directors of of Eleuthera Properties Ltd were central players in the strengthening of Education in the Bahamas.

The College of The Bahamas (soon to be the University of The Bahamas) broke ground on the F. R. Wilson Graduate Business Centre.  This facility will support the Institution’s first Graduate Degree Program, i.e. first which is not granted in conjunction with any other institution.

Separate from the National Government, funding for the facility comes from contributions from the family of Mr. Wilson, and from the Royal Bank of Canada, under the leadership of our Director, Ross McDonald.  Mr. Wilson is also a Past Chairman of The College’s Council.

Speaking directly on behalf of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, the Hon. Dion Foulkes expressed appreciation to the corporate sponsors for making the project a reality to build the life of young people through education in the country.


  1. I agree with Cristina. Stop the PLP / FNM foolishness and just give credit where it is due.

  2. @ George

    One of the reasons this country cannot go forward is that we always politize things. Why make this about FNM and PLP? Can’t you people think independently? Why not look at this as a successful Bahamian giving back to the community? Don’t worry about Brent and his money, what the hell have YOU done for your country? Geeeeeesh!

    Oh, and let’s not discount RBC’s contribution as well.

  3. This is one of the differences between a PLP and a FNM. A PLP will put back into his community and country – the FNM will take all they can and what they cannot take they will give to the foreigner. With all the money Brent Symonette and his family has how much have they given back to the Bahamian community?

  4. This type action makes me proud to be Bahamian. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are great examples of what Bahamian business people should aspire to be. They are great models.

    There are a number of other wealthy Bahamians who have consistently given back to the country. We need a national way to say thank you to all these generous Bahamians who care for more than themselves.

    We Bahamians respect and appreciate your efforts to make our country better.

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