Woman accuses FNM Deputy Treasurer of assault


ZNS Board member in police report notes “Assault, bodily aches, and possible head trauma.” – WE WONDER WHEN ZNS GA REPORT THIS?!

FNM Deputy Treasurer Perez Burrows

NASSAU| A woman, 29, has accused Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Treasurer Perez Burrows of assault.

Surveillance video, that went viral on social media, shows a woman and a man fighting in a car garage.

In the video, the woman takes a swipe at the man but appears to miss. The man is then seen pushing the woman and hitting her about the upper body before backing her up against the garage door. Another man eventually enters the garage and parts the fight.

According a doctor’s report prepared by Geneva Wellness Centre, “bruises were noted to both sides of her neck with slight redness/swelling to the left side.”

“Additionally, a large hematoma measuring about 10 – 12 cm noted on her right thigh,” according to the report, dated May 18, 2021.

The woman was assessed as having “head/neck trauma with multiple areas of soft tissue injury about the body,” according to report, which said the woman alleged the injuries were the result of being assaulted two days priors to seeking medical attention.

The woman also filed a police report, which listed the nature of her injury as “assault, bodily aches, and possible head trauma.”

According to the police report, dated May 16, 2021, the woman claimed she was “assaulted about the body.”

The police report circulated on social media does not list the name of the alleged attacker. However, Burrows, a member of the ZNS board, has been accused of assaulting her.

The video as well as police and medical reports were leaked after police failed to pick up Burrows for questioning.

It is believed his position within the governing party has cloaked him from arrest and questioning for allegedly assaulting the young woman.