Woman collapsed in the corned beef section of the store…


BP BREAKING| A woman fell out in Budget Food Store in Nassau Village today. Customers had to assist the woman, building a pillow under her head as they attempted to revive her before EMS arrive.

BP sources on the ground could not believe what they were witnessing. “BP, the woman was passing the corned beef section and, when she saw those high prices, all I heard was a thump on the ground. When I turned around, there mama was with a mask on the floor. We quickly removed the mask so she could get oxygen.”

Between the shockingly high food prices and the unprecedented hardship rocking the nation, Minnis gat the people falling out as they search for food. Good thing a BP agent was in the store cause yinner would not know.

All I say is this: The harder they come, the harder people dropping down!

We report yinner decide!