Woman murdered was a close relative of a Senior PLP Cabinet Minister and close friend of a DNA Candidate….


Who murdered Lillian Williams? She was last seen at Fish Fry!

Woman found murdered on Montagu - Body removed - photo by thenassauguardian.com

Murdered woman’s car was parked at Fish Fry Thursday Night at the beginning of the Labour Day Weekend -Did her killer meet her in Goldie’s Restaurant?

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has more intel following the discovery of that woman, Lillian Williams, a 39-year-old woman of Town Court Apartments on Nassau Street.

She became the country’s 55th murdered victim.

When police discovered her lifeless body along the eastern foreshore just east of the Nassau Sailing Club on East Bay Street, not only was she naked in the water, but she had incurred multiple stab wounds to her upper body.

How sad.

Lillean, we now know, worked at BTVI, and while little is known, we also know she is a relative of a senior PLP Cabinet Minister.

Detectives now know she was last spotted at the famous Bahamian hangout Fish Fry just hours before the holiday. Police have discovered her luxury jeep parked in the area nearby as she was at the GOLDIE’s Restaurant in the area.

Some investigators believe the crime began in this location and are relying on CC TV in there to assist.

From what we know, it is quite possible that Lillian met her killer somewhere in the area that Thursday evening before her disappearance and murder. By Friday morning when she was discovered, Lillian’s vehicle was still parked at Fish Fry, untouched.

Bahamas Press has also learned the woman, who once was in real estate, is a close relative of a sitting Cabinet Minister.

We also know she was a close friend of a former DNA Candidate who police have yet to question. What he may know about the victim is yet to be explored.

Lillian lived at Town Court Apartments on Nassau Street. She was not far from home.

Who murdered this young woman is still a great mystery..

We report yinner decide!