Young 15-year-old shot to the head fatally at the Platinum Club in Eight Mile Rock


One must ask where were the parents of the young schoolgirl?

Young 15-year-old shot dead outside a club 3am in Eight Mile Rock last night...

Freeport, GB — Dead is a 15-year-girl who was shot dead by her boyfriend early Sunday morning.

The incident occurred just outside the Platinum club in Eight Mile Rock.

According to eyewitnesses the young girl was shot fatally twice to the head. We can tell you the shooter shot his girlfriend twice, walked over to the body looked as she laid dead, then fled the crime scene.

Word is the young girl was at the club and decided to dance with another male just before the incident unfolded.

Question is though: What does a 15-year-old doing at a club 3am in the morning?

Her identity was still unknown up to press time…

BP UPDATE 3am Monday: Breaking BP UPDATE >>> Bahamas Press has identified that Eight Mile Rock shooting victim as 15-years-old, Alexis Smith, of Grand Bahama. She was fatally shot outside the Platinum Club in the Eight Mile Rock community around 3am Sunday morning. Police, we are told, are looking for a man believe to be in his 30s who is the boyfriend of the victim… BOY I TELL YA – THEY JUST MASSACRING THESE YOUNG CHILDREN – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

We report yinner decide!