Young 33-year-old woman with relatives in the Bahamas and TCI commits suicide in Miami


Woman took a cocktail of meds and ended her life!

Inakesha Armour

Miami, Fla. – Sad breaking news out of the Miramar, Miami Florida area confirms a young woman with relatives in the Bahamas and Grand Turk TCI has committed suicide.

Bahamas Press teams were called to an apartment in the community where 33-year-old Inakesha Armour had ended her life.

The young woman had just been released from US prison and was believed to have been suffering from depression. She was arrested after she had attempted to kill her 3-month-old baby boy first giving him an adult prescribed cough syrup and then tried to smother him with a pillow.

A woman was driving in the area at the time of the attempted murder incident in July; when she stopped the troubled woman.

Armour was just released from prison, and her son is still in hospital.

She was discovered in the apartment bathroom after taking an overdose of meds. She had been released under house arrest.

Bahamas Press reporting live in Miramar, Miami Florida.

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