ZNS Staff Prepare for Downsizing While Dummies Running the Place


Who at ZNS could show proof that the building was ever sanitized?

NASSAU| BP could not believe the mess at ZNS right now with employees getting memos saying they might be let go from work.

The place is loaded with COVID and employees walking around like nothing happening and the ones who claims they are managers holding their nose in the air saying the place don’t have no money. 

Now BP went in ZNS this afternoon and took a look around in our spaceship looking suits pretending as if we were sanitizing the WUHAN aminal market, and boy, inside was a sight to behold. Everyone chin to their chest looking like they just lost their long lost lover from Los Angeles. What is this?

We know that the place is being run in the ground by the wutless General Managers, Kayleaser Isaacs and Beverly Curry, and the chairman Mike Smith, who got run out the place like a Seasame Street character recently.

So what BP trying to figure out is why the staff getting downsized when these people still running the place? What is that about? 

Gone are the days when good management and proper work environment existed at ZNS. Nowadays it’s what buck up goes. And now the place gat COVID and the staff still in the place, soon to be sent home for good? Well BP gat a scoop for you.

A nosey staff member found himself at ZNS when it was supposed to be in the middle of being sanitized. The staff said the sanitizing people were sitting in the backyard smoking cigarette and playing dominoes and not even trying to throw bleach on one single wall to pretend like they working. WHAT IN A HELL IS DIS!!??

ZNS employees had to rush back to work and didn’t even smell one inch of Floralin (das me) much less chemical that cleaned the place because no cleaning was done. But, the dumb as door nails woman managers tipping round the place in high heel shoes sucking all the money from the Corporation. Now they saying the place in a financial crisis?

We at BP are wondering if these women are going to pay themselves the $10,000 again this year in undeserved bonuses. Will the financial crisis of ZNS exempt them from paying themselves these bonuses or will they still get it? That’s the big money question!

We report!! Yinner decide!!