‘Gutter paper’ misreports Again!



If the papers would only STAY OFF BAHAMAS PRESS.com. Can’t they get the message this website is not for them to be ‘THIEFIN” news? Also let it be known we are not getting off the Queen’s College incident, it has just began! This not a matter of PLP or FNM, this is a CRIME against the STATE called The Bahamas, covered up by powerful, powerful people.

Nassau Bahamas Bahamas Press took great offense to reports made in a gutter rag sheet’s Thursday publication calling Bahamas Press.com a ‘PLP website’.

The ‘Wutless Gutter Rag Sheet’ article suggested that we published on this website that, “the PLP was going to pursue the scandal [Queen’s College] in the House and ‘call names’.” Bahamas Press denies making any such statement and call on our now 209,586 viewers to rebuke that statement reported in The Punch – ‘Another DAMN LIE’ – filtered by the “WUTLESS Media” in The Bahamas.

They all have become such poor traders of their craft, that they cannot report what is truth anymore. In fact, they are so much in the business of spinning half-truth, and spurring lies, to deflect news the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ in the country does not know the difference anymore.

What makes it worse, the article suggested that we are spokespersons for the PLP. Another BIG LIE!

Is Bahamas Press a PLP website because; it has voiced concerns against actions by the government’s policies that are supported by shameful band writers in this country like; Eileen Carron, John Marquis, P.Anthony White and Oswald ‘why you so scared of the word MURDER’ Brown?

Or are we [Bahamas Press] accused as such, because we were a voice that has stood up for a decent honest hardworking Christian woman named RUBIE NOTTAGE?

Are we considered the Voice of the Opposition simply because we exposed the fact that Hubert Ingraham lied telling the Bahamian people he would build low cost affordable homes. Ingraham promised to reduce the down payment to $5,000 for home buyers and promised to build twice as many as the PLP. Now in office, he has stopped housing building plans, allowed to expire the FREE stamp tax for all first time home buyers (A $10,000 tax write-off for all first time Bahamian homeowners). And his government now has decided to ‘kick on the streets’ 800 plus homeowners who find it difficult to pay their mortgages?

Or could it be that Bahamas Press is considered a PLP website because the administration at the once prestigious QUEEN’S COLLEGE allowed an FNM minister’s son off the hook for having sex with a 13 year old minor? Parents came running to us with this cover up, NOT THE PLP. Some asking, ‘who would protect my child?’

The ‘Wutless Media’ is confused! They cannot and will not take off their ‘political shades’ and come to grips with the fact that all we are doing is exposing hidden news, which they all fail to publish.

That same ‘Gutter Rag Sheet’ stole several articles right off our website, and one of those [articles] we wrote, attacked the leader of the PLP and his cover up of a raid in Andros, where the brother of a PLP Cabinet Minister items were seized by Customs.

We invite that paper to please STOP SPINNING LIES and half-truths. ‘And when you quote, quote correctly’ as we hold no ties to anyone or any political party for that matter, PLP or FNM! And if you are unclear of what we are all about, we refer them to our opening editorial published on this blog, titled, ‘The Birth Of An Online Voice’ (https://www.bahamaspress.com/?p=14)

Let us add here a direct message to that publisher. When publishers, find it fascinating to put full colour pages of men bonked in their print, LET IT BE KNOWN, WE at Bahamas Press HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM EVER BEING SEEN NEAR THAT KIND OF THRASH! “BLOODY TWISTED MINDS.” And we are not intimidated to expose ‘THAT SISSY” whether ‘it’ is in the FNM, the PLP or The PUNCH!

Bahamas Press.com /Editor


  1. As the administrator for the Progressive Liberal Party’s official website, I always find it interesting how the newspapers, in particular, The Tribune are quick to label any website that does not suck up to the Government or dares to print the true story of scandals and misdeeds by the government as a “PLP website.”

    There is only one PLP website, and that is http://www.myplp.com. It is not surprising that the papers won’t make space to report on the lies and slander and filth that filled other sites supportive of the FNM much less, refer to them as “FNM websites.” Their house of cards is about to tumble down and it seems that whatever the editors of Bahamas Press is doing is working but for goodness sakes, I hope they pretend to be real journalists and report on the fact that Bahamas Press is an equal opportunity basher because I’ve had issues with somethings reported on the PLP here as well.

    But thats par for the course with the FNM. They can dish it out but cannot take it when the “scribblers” take to the internet to fight fire with FIRE and beat them at their own game. They did it to Potcake when they are active and caused them to disappear, they tried to do it with the http://www.myplp.com and now Bahamas Press is in their sights. My advice to the editors at Bahamas Press, aside from running a spell check on your posts, is to change nothing in how you approach your work. We may not all like it, we may not all agree but it is what it is and the PLP will defend your right to exist, even if we have issues with what you say about us.

    That is democracy and not this shameful abomination of it being advocated by the Tribune and perpetrated by the FNM.

    Now they can print that.

  2. We have no real newspapers here anymore, just tabloids. They all make the National Enquirer look like Pulizer Prize material. The Tribune will report by the end of the year the the PLP is secretly run by Martians and that Hubert Ingraham is really an angel sent to earth. Bahamaspress.com, keep up the good work!

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