“No” Vote accepts donation from country’s oldest rum running gang!


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL PART 1: NO VOTE BILLBOARD near Saunders Beach stopped guests from going into the Atlantis Casino – Bahamian jobs stand at risk!!!!

Polls show the majority of Bahamians want regulations across the entire gaming industry…RENDER TO CAESAR THE THINGS THAT ARE CAESAR! Let Caesar collect his taxes and everybody wins!

Nassau, Nassau — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press can now confirm rum money is bankrolling the “NO” VOTE campaign, which is vehemently opposed to the legalization of the Gambling business.

Sources deep in the campaign tell us that the organization has accepted a handsome donation from the oldest rum running gang in the country and has also thrown out in public view one of their close friends.

The acceptance of the handsome donation shows that the Jan. 28th poll has nothing to do with the moral opinion of the “NO” VOTE machine but everything to do with refusing to allow regulation and taxation of an underground industry here in the country.

Bahamas Press is now concerned, seriously concerned, about the credibility of the “NO” VOTE group, which has erected signs on the round-a-bout of Saunders Beach, that is hurting the Casino Business on Paradise Island.

Reports note that several guests coming into the town hoping to try their chance at the Paradise Island Casino, were discouraged from spending a dime in the Atlantis Casino after seeing a Billboard erected at the round-a-bout near Shell which condemned gambling for the thousands of visitors coming into the country.

With an already negative downgrade in the country, and the loss of jobs in the hotel sector, the last thing “NO” voters who don’t oppose Casino Gambling by the way – would want to see is a falloff in the few visitor arrivals coming to the Bahamas.

And so we now put the Question to the “NO” VOTE campaign – “If Gambling is destroying the moral fiber of the country, why in the hell are yinner accepting RUM MONEY?”

We ga report and yinner need to decide!