Nassau, Bahamas — BP has found it very astounding that there are people in this Country that would take any issue and make it a political football. We continue to see political gadflies and hacks of the FNM, working feverishly with the ” SAY No” crowd. They want to defeat Christie and the PLP. Well we say to them, if you love your Country and your way of life, vote “YES”.

We will expose these operatives of the FNM and paid GOONS and Jigaboos. The bigger guestion for voting yes is not political but an economic one. Would you want to see the Bahamas continue to be downgraded by International rating agencies? When this happens, it is very difficult to borrow money at premium rates and it gets difficult to pay for basic services and the way of life as we know it.

The real reason for this is that, we cannot continue to have an underground economy; operating with little or no benefit to the people. If we continue to let the Web Cafes operate unabated, unregulated and unsupervised, only a handful “wins”. But when they are taxed, regulated and supervised, “Everybody Wins”.

The People of the Bahamas would be the ultimate winners as more revenue would be flowing into the Treasury, pressure from the International Rating Agencies would subside and we are all the better off for it.

Hubert Ingraham told Bahamians he would want a "Yes" vote!

Things are just too expensive in this Country and it cannot be sustained for any unforseen period.

We need to arrest this underground economy right now, and we applaud The Christie Administration for having the Guts, the WILL and the Testicular Fortitude and a Goliath strength of courage to address this matter head-on! Something Hubert Ingraham the former administration failed to possess! – We applaud this new generation team to have put the questions to the Bahamian people.

We also remind these FNM operatives, how the former PM, Hubert Ingraham, is on record saying, that he would have regularise the Web and gaming industry. Your current leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has said in the Parliament that he supports gambling! This is not a political isuue and we cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand.

The January 28th poll is about survival and as we have said before, if you love your Country, you will vote “Yes”.

BP is voting “Yes” to both questions and implore all right thinking Bahamians who love their Country to do the same.

We will be bringing the results of several polling questions completed by BBB Analytics on behalf of BP very shortly. We were shocked and amazed by the results of one particular question: What influence does your Priest, Pastor, Bishop, Rabbi or Spiritual Leader have over your decision making? Boy we were shocked.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I am convinced Bahamas Press is run by Mr. Christie….just the way this site flip flops on this issue on a daily basis reminds me of our esteemed Prime Minister. You can’t serve two masters BP…it’s either you’re for the Vote Yes campaign or the Vote No campaign….don’t post an article about how the Vote No campaign is gaining so much momentum that the “polls” you commissioned are promising a defeat of the Vote Yes and then turn around on the following day and talk about the reasons Bahamians should vote Yes and try and make it political. STOP BEING SO INDECISIVE!!!

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