“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”: ‘Real Deal ‘Ducille Catches McDermott in a LIE!


mcdermottossimichaels<<< Michael McDermott and Michael Ossi outside the Supreme Court. Nassau Guardian photo/Tony Grant Jr.

Nassau, Bahamas — Well readers, it’s official! We were right there when Murrio Ducille showed Mike McDermott who was da boss in court on Tuesday.

The morning slowly got out of hand when Pleasant Bridgewater’s lawyer Ducille and John Travolta’s Florida attorney Mike McDermott raised their voice for another round of  who’s the better lawyer (although we do think McDummit needs to remember that he’s in the Bahamas as a WITNESS and nothing more).

When Real Deal Ducille asked McDermott if he had ever seen the document prior to his conversation with Tarino Lightbourne, McDummit couldn’t answer straight. In fact, he took a simple yes or no answer into a one run long on pile of over explanation.

Justice Anita Allen had to get in there and ordered McDermott to answer the question. Gasps were heard throughout the room when McDermott finally said: “That was an inaccurate statement.”tm28850

In other words he was telling a bold faced LIE.

“Was this a real deal?” Ducille asked of the alleged plot for the money to be paid.

“I was told to go ahead and make the deal,” McDermott said proving he still didn’t know how to answer questions with a yes or no.
“I’m suggesting to you sir, this is just showing how deceptive you are,” said Ducille with a chuckle. “It gets deeper. From the very outset he [McDermott] has been a deceptive individual and he carries his deception right through to the witness box… I’m suggesting that you sought to give birth to the extortion.”

“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” McDermott told Ducille. “You can’t handle it!”

“You watched a Few Good Men, eh?” Ducille asked the witness with a laugh. He later repeated his question about McDermott giving birth to an extortion plot before speaking to Bridgewater.

McDermott finally answered no he did not seek to give birth to an extortion plot saying: “This is a fabrication of counsel that he [Ducille] has created for a defense theory.”

Don’t worry, we’ll be back in the courtroom this afternoon to bring you the latest happenings in this drama Bank Lane drama.


  1. abetment to extortion hmm its the extortion that is the offence…….but anyways this is just a sad scenario all around from the delusional driver, to the concerned lawyer to the police bug em get em tap lawyer this is truly a disgraceful display hotel rooms ‘young lady’ in refrence to mc dummit calling of caring pleasant. I always wanted to do somthing for my family and charity says T out to pokino can anyone see the greed in all this even on mc damouth part to make a name for himself he is a tax litigator not even john main attorney they are all in a time warp pablo is dead lehder in jail Sir lynden passed away and the rest on their way out so which planet they from where 25million cash is dropped off just like dat i mean abra cadabra wazzam T pokino hit jack pot Jack ass pot that is shakespeare said it thus ‘thou art a general offence and should be beaten by everyman’

  2. Mashup sound like a bag full of wind. I don’t blame ‘COME TA BUY SILENCE’ for not responding. Mashup looking for a debate. Carry on…

    On a much more important note has anyone read a post from ‘THE INSIDER’?

    I wonder if this person really is an insider because that was a hefty post. INSIDER thinks EVERYBODY involved in the case is guilty in some way shape or form. This is beginning to look like the truth. The beginning: 1. Travolta denies an unconscious autistic child immediate medical attention as suppose to taking his child to the NEAREST hospital, he wants to take him for a plane ride.

    2. Mr. Michael DidDoIt comes to The Bahamas; for what? To buy silence AND was caught in a lie in court.

    3. Tarino holding on a document which is NO business of his.

    4. Pleasant looks as if she really didn’t want anything to do with the entire plot but she DID have the opportunity to walk away, but she didn’t. However, she was very smart in not personally demanding money from Mr. Michael DidDoIt.

    Unbeknown to Michael DidDoIt..he wasted a whole lot of time coming to The Bahamas. Doesn’t he knows that The people in The Bahamas CAN’T keep anything a secret. This includes Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Psychologists and the list goes on because if The people of The Bahamas can’t talk other people’s business, they would turn BLUE IN THE FACE. Michael DidDoIt would be a fool to think that Tarino wouldn’t tell his wife about what he had. It only takes one other person to start a rumour.

    Goodness man!!! ‘THE INSIDER’ described Allyson Gibson as ‘a deceitful, sly, insatiable snake with the head of a trojan horse’ Man!! Where did INSIDER come up with those adjectives? I couldn’t have said it better. I pity the fools who always thought Allyson was a PLP. She did call the Obeah Man who just happens to be an FNM. Talk about betrayal. She better hope Travolta takes her back with him because THIS COUNTRY no longer wants her.

  3. @come to buy silence

    check your facts b4 you open your mouth to come lecture me ole boy. if black people are allowed to read now, then i suggest you do that. in fact Pleasant should have read the laws regarding abetment to extortion before she took her bar exam or even sometime in the last decade, but let’s not even get into that as she’ll most likely be disbarred if somehow she manages to avoid prison.

    If you knew what the hell you were talking about you would have read in every reputable news source that McDermott testified under cross examination by Ducille said that he told Pleasant and Tarino in the videotapes that he had never seen the document b4. He said that was because he didn’t want them to know that he had already gone to the police. But he admitted to having seen the document b4.

    Now I know you slow, so try to keep up.

    Who participates in a sting operation and tells the people that they are part of a sting operation? Maybe that’s what happens in Candyland where you live, but not in the real world, where if you knew anything about Bahamian law it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to prove entrapment.

    If you want kiss Pleasant backside and lotion her after her dumb azz done fall into the trap, then get in line. but don’t just make sh*t up. you should instead pay attention homeboy.

    And while you at it, do like the honorable Ortland H. Bodie Jr. does say and watch your mouth!

  4. @Mashup
    I see why you call yourself mash up. You don’t listen to the news properly or you don’t listen at all. It said that McDummie stated in court that he had NOT seen the document before. Contrary to that, in the hotel room he told Pleasant he HAD seen the document. Umm..why take an oath in court to tell the truth only to be caught in a lie? He is a witness trying to play the role of a lawyer in the witness box. Yes, Mr. McDummie, black people are allowed to read now. Remember? Slavery has been abolished so umm ..don’t think you can outsmart Ducille by answering a question with a comment. This ISN’T the United States where your laws are beyond ridculous but still holds merit in only SOME jurisdictions. silly.

    @Real Deal
    I agree with you on one thing; the Travolta’s. Gee dem some conch salad wit a triple dose a goat pepper. Let ’em nanny like no Bahamian has ever nannied before. And when they leave let ’em take back Anna Nicole and Danny wit ’em so OUR CITIZENS can mourn their loved ones in Lakeview WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THRU SECURITY. WHAT DA HELL DIS COUNTRY COMIN’ TOO? Gatti pass thru security to grieve because of foreigners.

    @Russell Johnson
    I am more than laughing. I’m LMAO!! Those two lawyers look like two flaming idiots!!!!!!!!!

  5. The truth be told, Pleasant wasn’t the intended target, OBIE was but this is life. Anyone ever wondered how and why Allyson would even conspire to set OBIE up? because he’s a threat to BP, CHRISTIE, INGRAHAM,BRAVE and AllYSON connection… In Italy they would be called the “FAMILY” Partisanship is a joke in Bahamian politics…. it’s all about being a part of the “family”…

    They didn’t catch OBIE but they frigged him up enough…. he’s not a real contender for deputy; people who knows the real deal knows this.

    PLP’S who are running for positions in the upcoming convention that can pose as a threat to the “family” may now need to beef up security around your septic tank in all… watch out for getting SET UP… its the real deal……

    Ducille may be able to help Pleasant but in reality, they finished their job by messing up OBIES chances… OBIE if I were you I wouldn’t give Christie none anymore….

    Pleasant if I had my way with you for being so stupid and crooked I’d seriously grease up for you and put your lying backside on xvideos…. you are too crooked….

    As for Travolta’s Lawyers, they could all go to hell. Someone please serve them some conch salad with a tripple doze of goat pepper and let those milining sucker SHEEEIIIT their way in hell…..

  6. stop hating on this dude because he’s white.

    of course he was lying to pleasant about seeing the document. he saw it when he met with maynard-gibson at her law offices before he ever spoke to pleasant.

    it’s called a set-up. mcdermott and ally and ingraham set pleasant azz up and she fell for it hook line and sinker.

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