Say it ain't so Mr. Convention Chair, say it ain't so!




Nassau, Bahamas — We have information coming into our newsroom at this hour that there are questions being raised concerning monies in the PLP. While this is not a new problem within the PLP, members who sit in the “high coppit” of the Party are very concerned. A high ranking senior member said to one of our investigators ‘ There is always a problem with money when Obie is involved, we have had monies going missing while he was Chairman, and I have worked too hard for this party to continue to sit back and let this happen again”.

We have put 4 of our top forensic investigators on this matter and we will look into this and report our findings. However, we have a few questions for the Convention Chair, Mr. Obediah Hercules Wilchcombe. Having regard to the date of the convention being two weeks away, has a deposit been paid to the Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace? If not, why not? Was the money given to you to be paid?, if so, how much? Has the hotel received the money? Can you provide the party with a receipt? Has any of the money been spent on your campaign?

These are some of the questions being asked by persons in the “high coppit” of the party and we are just putting them out there for all and sundry involved with the Convention including the Convention Chair to answer. We await your responses before we let the cat or snitch out of the bag.

Say it ain’t so Mr. Convention Chair, say it ain’t so. ‘VELL’ CALL THE POLICE!


  1. i have also heard that these dudes ain’t pay for that convention yet. But you know Brave gon make it happen if he have to.

  2. WOW! :
    …and by the way, this story is riddled with untruths. The deposit was paid to the hotel BEFORE they closed for renovations.

    Now don’t get us started with this WOW. Bahamas Press has information that the Hotel was calling OBIE for Days, with no calls returning. WHY IS THAT?


  3. …and by the way, this story is riddled with untruths. The deposit was paid to the hotel BEFORE they closed for renovations.

  4. BP, Obie looks like he is not doing well in this picture (not talking about his foot) He really looks like he has lost weight, he looks much much older he just doesn’t look right

  5. @Dibbles
    I give up man, I don’t know who to support… I think I’ll just sit this one out and see if whoever wins gat what it takes to move this country to the next level…

    Paul look like he is serious about this thing.. He aint leaving no stone unturned!!! THat fella spending some big money.. He must have some BIG BIG backers in this race…

  6. Who is the man? Obie…… Wilchcome!!
    Who can run thee land?? Obie, Obie!!

    Take dat BP!!! OBIE, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie, Obie!!!

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