BEC double billing logic is mathematically FLAWED!



Dear Editor,

I raise my concern about the November billing of customers, and If the report on ZNS I heard this morning is true, then BEC, I submit, has made an obvious calculation error – it is simple math.

This is what I heard on the news: they stated that for the month of October when they couldn’t get to read the meter they estimated based on the previous month. Here is ERROR #1! Since September was a normal “hot summer month” it would be unfair to use that month to estimate bills for BEC customers since in September no one lost electricity like they did for 2 and 3 weeks like in October.

For November the calculation error is even greater! BEC sent out meter readers, who now took a reading and subtracted it from the last meter reading. And here is an example: In September meter reading was 2100 and now in November it is 2300. What BEC is suggesting is that they subtracted the difference 2300 – 2100 = 200. And so they now charged a customer for the difference? This is clearly a simple math ERROR since BEC has already estimated and charge you for October!?

In short the General Public was billed twice for October, an estimated

bill now being presented in the new November bill…this is WRONG!

The real question now, though, is this: Who will stand up for Bahamians now being raped by BEC/BPL?


E. Taylor