Bahamas still the number one Caribbean destination



Mrs. Laverne Wilson, Sales Manager, Mr. and Mrs Ochs and Normon Moss, Bartender.

Nassau, The Bahamas – A tropical island paradise, friendly locals and superb service makes one want to come back more than once, but numerous times. Strange, not according to Mr. And Mrs. Albert and Marie Ochs (pronounced Oakes) who have been visiting The Bahamas since 1974. “We are absolutely in love with the place”, they exclaimed in a recent interview. “It is not really about the sun sand and sea, that is nice but it is really about the friendships that we have established over the years.”

The Ochs have been visiting Nassau from 1974 when they came here on their honeymoon. After a near disastrous 1st visit where they missed most of a few days out of their trip due to some scheduling problems. They have been visiting twice and sometimes three times yearly.

Pirates Cove, Holiday Inn was the hotel where the fun loving couple initially stayed. “The nightlife was great” Marie exclaimed! “It was so exciting” Albert added ‘that guest from surrounding hotels often came to Pirates Cove for the entertainment. The hotel kept them coming back again and again for the fire dancing, rake ‘n’ scrape music and other local entertainment, the entertainment never stopped,’ Albert beamed. During this time, they formed strong bonds with many of the staff of the hotel. When Holiday Inn closed it’s doors many of the staff sought employment at Nassau Palm Resort.
Nassau Palm Resort is now where The Ochs now stay.

Norman Moss, bartender is one of the long serving employees that have come to know The Ochs very well. “They are very nice, pleasant people and have watched me grow up in this industry”. Albert Ochs, boasts of knowing him when he was just a busboy at The Holiday Inn.

The Ochs recently celebrated 34 years of marital bliss and received a beautiful bouquet of fruits and flowers from the staff of Nassau Palm. They, also among other things dined with one of the C.E.O.’s of the Hotel. The Ministry of Tourism also joined in and lauded the happy couple for making the The Bahamas their number on vacation spot.

Mr. Clinton Davis, Director of Training, Paradise Island Harbour Resort, the sister property of Nassau Palm Resort states that “it is wonderful to have them stay with us, we aim to please and enjoy repeat visitors. The Ochs have become a part of our extended family.”
If the Ochs have anything to do with it they will be visiting the Bahamas and Nassau Palm Resort for a very long time.


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