Police say they are looking for this man


Police say this is the possible sketch of the man wanted in the murder of Marvin Wilson. The sketch is a collection of information from eyewitnesses who say this is who they saw running from the scene of the crime. Bahamas Press wonders why police with all this modern TECHNOLOGY are not looking into the simple things that can detect and tract criminals, like cell phones? Do our police not know they can get a list from BATELCO on all the numbers that called into a phone in the last month and retrieve the names and addresses of all those persons? This is amazing that the police would go through the painful task of drawing sketches, when they can simply track a list from the victim’s phone and trace persons calling to and from a victims cellphone or telephone. We think this is simple common sense. However the same people who cannot classify a murder from suicide anymore rather wish to draw a sketch of a person that looks like half of the black male race in The Bahamas.

Bahamas Press is concerned however with the level of murders and discoveries of dead bodies all over this small city with slashed throats and decapitated heads, Bodies washed up on the shore and some found near the beach. Bodies of dead old women in their 80s and young women with only clothes on their upper bodies. Old men bloodied in their bedrooms and young men laying in their yards with wife and kids screams that tell the horror of another deadly home invasion. Gay or Straight all now dead. Baby teens girls missing and baby boys missing in groups. And some discoveries with just skeletal remains left to tell the story, is almost the daily story in this country. This country is awash in MURDER!