ONLY Sharon Turner could write this caption below



Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham was greeted by St. Lucia Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s Council of Ministers, Senator the Hon. Allen Chastenet at the first Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit’s opening ceremony on Sunday, June 22, 2008. The ceremony was held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Centre. During the ceremony, Prime Minister Ingraham was lauded by Senator Chastenet and given a standing ovation by attendees for his work in transforming the Bahamian economy. (BIS Photo/Sharon Turner)

Bahamas Ambassador to Washington, His Excellency Cornelius Smith (left) and Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham attend the first Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit’s opening ceremony on Sunday, June 22, 2008. The ceremony was held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Centre. (BIS Photo/Sharon Turner)


  1. OF COURSE only Sharon Turner could write a caption like that concerning the P.M. as she seems to be his PERSONAL P.R. team.

    People are losing their jobs and homes but yet he is getting a standing ovation for “turning around economy”. That is ridiculous! What in the world?

    All I can say is God help us all. We are at the hands of these people for the next four years while they BLATANTLY abuse power. After B.P. and others showed distain for this young girl, Sharon Turner, trodding around the world with this man she CONTINUES to do it. Again, I ask, can’t Peter Ramsay take pictures anymore or is his waist not small enough and his hair not long enough? Isnt he still the P.M.’s photographer?

    I can only assume that the wife of the PM has turned off all suspicious modes in her head and the husband of Sharon Turner is a retard counting poles in G.B. or where ever the heck he is.

    Thanks BP for continuing to be the watch dog of the society. We only have you to count on!


    A standing OVATION for Transforming the Bahamian Economy? LORD HELP US, the PEOPLE APPLAUDING FAILURE!

    Bahamas Press/ EDITOR

  3. Transforming what bahamian ecomony??? This is incredulous.
    Nothing is happening in new providence. As a business person off over 12 years i have never seen it so bad.
    A robust economy in early 2007. Gone bust 10mths later. The onus is on the fnm government of stop, review, and cancel

  4. Jan, do note this is still SILLY SEASON in this town and the detractors and deflectors of truth in this country would do anything these days to spew lies and misinformation, in order to deflect what is going on in this country.

    Why the silence on how police cannot investigate crime anymore in this town? Why the silence on how a Defence Force officer robbed the Chinese Embassy and all silence is given to that officer of the state? Why the silence on how decapitated (headless body) is being discovered and police cannot even classified it as a murder and report it as such?

    The shoes were still on the feet right? How is it the HEAD is gone?

    AGAIN we must still be in the SILLY season!

    Bahamas Press/ EDitor

  5. Lloyd,

    In this case you are wrong.

    The original headline to the story read “Only Sharon Turner could ‘WROTE’ this caption below”

    I spotted the grammatical boo boo and therefore I penned the post so that BP could make the correction with the word “WRITE”.

    Bahamas Press CORRECTED the word ‘WROTE’ with the word ‘WRITE’ in the headline, within minutes of my post.

    Noting the quick correction, I merely thanked them [for taking action to my comment]….. I believe that the action of saying “thanks”, is called GOOD MANNERS or GOOD HOME TRAINING.

    My note to correct the grammar was not to offend, but merely to correct, and that was the spirit in which it was taken by BP.

    In fact I received a personal e-mail message from BP thanking me for the “advice”, along with an expalanation as to why the mistake was made in the first place.

    Lloyd, by making a false assumption for which you had no facts to back it up, that false statement actually negates the remainder of your post.

    Lloyd, I had to point out your false assertion because indeed I am NOT a part of the BP team, but rather, I merely saw a grammatical error and sought to have it corrected through the only means at my disposal at the time – which was to advise BP of the mistake via a post on this site.

  6. See that BP? Caught you in your own lies writing and answering your own posts. “Jan”? How can Jan thank Jan for a correction when she’s correcting BP? The answer is simple, its because BP is both and forgot to switch the name before he answer.

    Gotcha! no integrity is why nobody takes this serious. You need to get your act together because this is pathetic.

  7. How can Hubert Ingraham get a standing OVATION for turning an economy from BOOM TO BUST? This is INCREDIBLE! If Hubert could get a standing ovation for the mass firings around this country today and the stoppage in millions of dollars of Capital projects, then people must still be laying on the floor when Christie enters a room. This is the most UNBELIEVABLE caption we have ever read.

    Bahamas Press.

  8. Spot the Boo Boo

    Should not the heading of this story read “Only Sharon Turner could WRITE this caption below”?

    The word should be WRITE and not WROTE…..

    One must keep the journalistic integrity intact (smile)

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