The Tribune's decline from TRASH to TOILET TISSUE!



Fred Mitchell is left to make repairs, damaged by a rat in the PLP. The Progressive Liberal Party has a snitch in its organization. The MP for West End and Bimini continues to carry the bones (NEWS) about the PLP to an old woman on Shirley Street. Then there is the POLICE, which works in concert with the WUTLESS TRIBUNE, a trend not seen in politics since the days when Hitler was building his NAZI army. The Wutless Tribune is circulating articles in the press with NO attribution, NO byline, and NO factual evidence. With this being the trend of the morning daily one must ask, how can a newspaper of record practice such gutter journalism? Bahamas Press believes NO ONE SHOULD THEREFORE CONSIDER COOPERATING WITH THE Royal Bahamas Police Force [RBPF], UNTIL THIS TREND of leaking news to the TRIBUNE STOPS! HOW CAN MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ASSIST THE RBPF WHEN POLICE OFFICERS LEAK THE STORY TO THE TRIBUNE? The newspaper has degenerated from TRASH, TO TOILET TISSUE! Our file photo of Fred Mitchell and Vincent Peet at a press conference, again setting the record straight.With the leader of the PLP failing to action this CRISIS in the party, the PLP is fast becoming its worse enemy. GET RID OF THE SNITCH AND SAVE THE PLANET, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!


23rd October, 2008
This morning’s story in the press ‘MP IN LOOMING SCANDAL IN TALKS WITH CHRISTIE’ continues the shocking pattern of unsubstantiated reports by newspapers of record with regard to the PLP.

One week ago, I raised the alarm at a series of stories based on the word of anonymous individuals and unsubstantiated leaks that appeared to emanate out of the police force and which were designed to smear Members of Parliament of the PLP.

This morning’s story has no by-line, no named sources and nothing to substantiate the facts alleged.  This is beneath the standards of acceptable journalism.  Newspapers of record cannot continue to demean themselves and defame their own reputations by relying on half truths, innuendos, lies and in the absence of anything at all putting two and two together and making it five, to suit their own purposes.

As a PLP Member of Parliament, I am deeply disturbed and offended by this continued biased and tendentious campaign.  My views in opposition to this campaign were never fully aired by the perpetrators of the stories appearing in the press.  Someone in officialdom is seeking to poison the well of public opinion, preliminary to using the courts and the police for some malicious, political objective.

The FNM and its government must be careful in all of this lest they be accused of using the Police as a political tool of destruction against the Progressive Liberal Party in an attempt to keep their hold on power in the country.  Such acts, if committed, are dangerous and illegal and must be condemned across the political spectrum by all right thinking Bahamians.

The PLP and the Bahamian public are entitled to know whether or not this investigation is a conspiracy, hatched as an illegal and partisan tactic by the political directorate or by agents of the FNM within the Police Force.
I repeat the view that I gave at my news conference on Wednesday that a distinction must be made between the individual’s behaviour and conduct, for which each individual is entirely responsible; and the process of a fair and impartial investigation.  However, a citizen who co-operates in a fair and impartial Police investigation does not expect, nor should he or she expect, any details of that investigation to appear in the press; especially prior to any formal conclusion.

If there is an investigation by the Police, that investigation is supposed to be an impartial investigation.  It is not supposed to be a partisan investigation.  Anyone, having seen what has transpired in public in this investigation has to wonder about a political motive, which sullies any appearance of impartiality.  If this is the way police investigations are conducted in The Bahamas, it is a wonder that anyone is able to feel secure in fulfilling their duty as a citizen to co-operate with the police.

The leaks from the Police or from inside the government, together with the story and the previous pattern of conduct by certain journalists and editors, leads inescapably to the conclusion of a political campaign by those persons which is rooted in malice and deceit.  It should be denounced and it should stop forthwith.


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  2. Rupert you are VERY much on point. This story amongst others is a mere distraction from what is actually going on here.

  3. WOW you know we will keep our noses to the ground and keep you informed. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Drama King and Kim, I am out of the country again and I am counting on y’all and BP for my news. I will be gone for a week.

  5. Church, politics, gov. ministries….ALL OF THEM should go down in a hail fire of exposure !! I am so sick and tired of these hypocrites, thieves and wrong doers.

  6. I guess Fred wants to clear his name….lol….the PLP has a WUTLESS leader. He suppose to drag out that news toting rat and expose him for what he is. Not hide in the background like he usually does.

  7. Like the republicans the FNM and the Tribune plays the game of distraction….i must admit that this story is important but its just a distraction from the the financial mess the the prime minister has this country in….. BP don’t fall for this, stay on them and report the facts about where this country is heading.. and that’s the wrong direction thanks to Hubert Ingraham not the USA.

  8. WOW! From I first ready story in the Tribune, it sounded shaddy. They did not call any names and they did not indicate the source of this information. Everything was such left for the readers to speculate. This type of journalism is unacceptable. You are right we don’t even know if this is something they put together themselves to increase sales. Could they be that desperate?

    If it is true, I don’t know who should investigate it, but I know something needs to be done about leaking out information in a police investigation, this is not sending a good message to the general public.

  9. Kim, who will order and conduct the probe? Reginald Ferguson? Now you have one guess who on the force I think leak the information if indeed there is any investigation to begin with.

    When there was the incident with another PLP MP. Ferguson told the press that he saw a report on the incident but there were no charges pending. Who writes a report if there is no arrest or major incident? I have been told by police officers that Ferguson ordered a report written after the fact when he heard who was involved.

  10. Fred Mitchell sound like he being listening to Shaggy, It Wasn’t Me. We know it wasn’t him; he was never the Minister for Housing (LOL).

  11. A police probe should be launched to learn who leaked this information to the Tribune.
    Management of the Tribune and the person who covered the story should be questioned as well, to learn where they obtained such information. All of citizens need to be assured that when the sit down to cooperate with the police with an ongoing investigation, they would not be publicly humiliated and their confidentiality will not be violated. This is a breech of trust and should not be viewed lightly; The Prime Minister and The Minister for National Security need to deal wit this matter.

  12. Hi guys,

    We all know hoe the RBPF was bought on May 2nd by the FNM. So what do you all expect

  13. And here is another point to ponder, the Prime Minister nor the Minister of National Security saw nothing wrong with this breach of CONFIDENTIALITY by the police.

    BUT what can we expect from a man (Prime Minister INGRAHAM) who told Parliament on Wednesday the racial segregation – as described Alfred Gray – practised in ABACO cannot be the island where he (INGRAHAM) is from.

    The Prime Minister in so much words attempted to suggest that RACISM did not exist in ABACO. ABACO of all places, THE ISLAND THAT WAS SOO RACIALLY CHARGED AND DIVIDED, Pindling almost got killed on. AND this same island wanted to break away from the Commonwealth. IT WAS and in many respects STILL TODAY IS THE EPICENTRE OF RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY.

    BUT was is NOT so, according to Hubert Ingraham. Well one day we will tell our Bahamas Press audience a story of how Ingraham, a young boy at the time, got ran off the porch in ABACO. Its is a story we know he has forgotten.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  14. WOW! I agree with you, the police should have defended themselves. The public already dont see them in a good light, this can only do more damage. It’s a shame!

  15. And the RBPF should condemn the Tribune for printing stories whether true or false. About confidential investigations.

  16. If the police are not involved they should have issued a statement by now to protect their integrity. It is very damaging if the puplic feels they can’t trust the police to be confidential.

  17. WOW! How do we know if the police played a role in this? It could have been someone from the FNM or PLP, who leaked the information. We don’t know for sure who the snitch is. Knowing how corrupt the police can be, I believe they played a part.

  18. It is no wonder witnesses are being assasinated left, and center. Does the RBPF not know how to conduct a confidential investigation? The Tribune should be ashamed to see how low they have fallen. People spend their hard earned money to read news not propaganda. It would not be as bad if the newspapers support were evenly distributed among the political parties but they are all for the FNM.

  19. Joe Blow I agree the police might not have been involved, it could have also been someone from the same party as well, who leaked this information to the press. Politics is definitely a dirty game! My opinion of the Tribune still stands though; I think they were irresponsible to print this story, while the matter was still being investigated.

  20. TO JOE (THE PLUMBER) is all that Tribune mess clogging your pipes? Did we not mention, the MP for West End and Bimini in our article? It is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR WHO WE MEAN.

    But you know JOE like your friend John McCain, red herrings and deflection of news has no place on Bahamas Press, GO TO YOUR WUTLESS DAILIES FOR THAT KIND FOR JOURNALISM!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  21. Fred Mitchell, in his own very public Bahamas Uncensored, allows for innuendo, name calling and unproven scurrilous accusations against the police, the present government and individuals. Although he says he is no longer associated with that site, it has many telltale signs that he is still actively involved. So here we have the kettle calling the pot black. He, without documented proof, accuses the police of “leaking” the story to the press. How does he know it isn’t one of his own colleagues wanting the story to come out to damage the alleged perpetrator because of the “jockeying” for position that is going on in his own party?
    He goes on to accuse the F.N.M. of political mischief and a relentless attempt to sully the reputation of the P.L.P. but just a few days ago he distanced himself from the suspected illegal scandal by saying the person(s) in question was not himself and if indeed the allegations are true one must not link the alleged perpetrator with his fellow colleagues. Sounds to me like Fred has some knowledge of the whole affair. B.P. you yourself make the statement “damaged by a rat in the P.L.P.” and “has a snitch in in its organization.” Why don’r you name names? By not doing so are you not not practising what you preach?

  22. A baby could have seen that this story is politically motivated and it was intentionally leaked out by the Tribune. People already have a problem with trusting the police, how could the RBPF allow themselves to be caught up in this political ploy? The Tribune actions in this matter does not surprise me at all, I have always view them as nasty and low. The Tribune was only too willing to report this story, because I believe their sales are down, so this is an act of desperation on their behalf.

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