Is it a matter of MISTRUST? Hubert we wish to know!



Nassau, Bahamas: We ask the question today, is it a matter of Mistrust? Bahamas Press had warned the Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest to resign as Minister and save his political future, as we believe Hubert Ingraham has set him in that post to destroy him from possibly becoming Prime Minister one day.

Bahamas Press knows of this too well, as it had occurred in the chapter of Bahamian history before. Just take a gander at the appointment in the last administration with Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt. Pratt before her appointment to National Security was the most popular MP in the country, having won her constituency by 70% majority support. If records were released, that would possibly be the largest single constituency victory in political history here in the country. But look what happened to MOTHER PRATT five years later. She has fallen to threatening numbers in her popularity, and since the PLP’s defeat at the May 2nd 2007 election, in February she announced her intent to not seek re-election again.

Will Tommy Turnquest learn from this? We know he has recieved the advise to change his course, but will he? A few weeks ago, Hubert Ingraham sent Earl Deveaux to the installation service of the Methodist leader. Earl was noted in the service as the representative of Hubert Ingraham. And this announcement came, whilst Tommy Turnquest sat in the audience at the installation service.

Not that Tommy would have wanted the honour, but how could the third most senior Cabinet Minister (Tommy Turnquest) be overlooked to represent the Prime Minister at an official event?

looking at this we are reminded of Hubert Ingraham’s BACK STABBING political attempted murder of Tommy in 2005, and therefore we ask the question, “IS IT A MATTER OF MISTRUST?” Hubert we wish to hear you!


  1. Guys !! Whatever happened to Morehands? Think he killed himself because some of us bad mouthed Hubert Ingraham??

  2. Yes it is funny. I question anyone who is going to bat for Ingraham in this day and age.

    The man screwed up the country in a year and then threw bread crumbs at the people’s feet to make them believe he cares. What an evil man !!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh get this you ALL!!!!!!


    WELCOME JOE< NOW I SEE WHY MaCain has so much support on BP!!!!!! LOL!!! As Sarah Palin would say, "GO JOE SIXPACK!!!!!" LOL!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL<<<< HEY JOE YOUR RICH!!!!! LOL! Bahamas Press / Editor

  4. While you all beat your gums, Hubert will keep doing what Hubert does best. Ignore the talk in the market place and get on with the business of the country. If Turnquest is to be considered for the next leader of the country, he must be put to the test and what better place than in his present post. If he can bear up under that pressure, he just might be the one to lead. For the most part he can keep his cool. Unfortunately, it is not just the criminal element in the country that is the problem with crime, it is the attitude of the general public. We condone and sometimes even encourage illegal acts. If one were to ask some of the young people who their heroes are some would mention some highly unfavourable persons.
    As to Mother Pratt’s tenure in that post, we can place the blame for her failure and poor health squarely on the shoulders of Perry Christie. He used her popularity to help get elected in 2002. There were other portfolios he could have placed her in where she would have done a superior job.
    How about some suggestions as to how YOU would alleviate crime in the Bahamas. It is easy to criticize and lay blame. We certainly hear enough of that from the Loyal Opposition. If they really care for the people so much they will put aside party loyalty and share some thoughtful suggestions on the subject. B.P. you could do the same.

  5. I always felt the appointment of Turnquest as National Security minister was setting him up to fail. When you consider that Immigration was also thrown into his portfolio, it becomes obvious. Those were the two hottest issues affecting the country and most explosive issues during the campaign. There is nobody besides FNM groupies who feel he is doing a good job and he seems that he has all but given up. What happen to the plan he was to announce last September? Does anyone feel safer than they did a year ago? What improvements has he made? All of this and Ingraham is still making the major decisions in his ministry, like sending Greenslade and Dames on a course for example.

    By the way, why is a highly sensitive and confidential investigation regarding a former Minister being leaked to the press? The FNM needs to stop using the RBPF as a political tool.

    Maybe when Branville has cleaned up Immigration, he needs to be appointed to National Security. I doubt that this would happen though because there are those within his own party who to put the brakes on his meteoric rise.

  6. Everyone on this blog knows how I feel about this. My curiosity is how Tommy is playing out this one. I really want to know if he trusts this back stabbing Hubert Ingraham for real or does he have a plan of his own that will send the toothless lion REELING with shock and grief and silence him once and for all.

    Tommy might be much smarter than we give him credit for. He might have his own plot in place while we beat up our gums about what Ingraham is doing to him.

  7. Yeah Media this nice photo with the Prime Minister, this is how he suppose to look. Media I think you might be on to something though. I can remember no one who had that post before and the public was pleased with their performances. That post doesn’t earn you any popularity amongst voters. It look Hubert is setting Tommy up again like he did in 2005. The Prime Minister should have put that cry baby there instead.

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