National Insurance wants employers to STOP TIEFIN!



National Insurance wants all its clients to pay up or suffer the fines. Posters promoting this request is now on light poles all around the city and ads are now on TV. Bahamas Press broked the news several weeks ago, where Carl Bethgel’s lawfirm failed to pay for years the National Insurance contribution of their employees. One of the individuals at that company reciently died and the dependents cannot receive their due benifits. National Insurance is now claiming a $5bn shortfall in reserves. CARL BETHEL, did you pay up the TAXES on that now deceased employee at your former lawfirm?


  1. Foulkes been on the down low for real. WOW ya think the cops looking for him to serve him with a summons for that incident?….lol…..even with the BTC Bay Street incident he was trying to act all uninvolved….lol…it was so funny.

  2. I want you all to think on this! When employers take money from their employees and don’t pay it into N.I. it is not only the employee they are robbing. They are robbing us, who pay into it as in the end we, through higher premiums or higher taxes, have to pay for our needy brothers and sisters.

  3. Many employers have used NIB contributions as method to embezzle monies from their hard working employees. The only thing it leaves for these crooked employers to do is to rob you to your face in daylight. If they are that cold to steal your NIB contributions, don’t be surprised, if they start trailing you on pay day to the bank and then wait for you to withdraw the little monies that they have just paid you and then steal it back. That’s how heartless some of them are, I really don’t know how some of these thieves can sleep in the night. At least you know to expect that from a Jonser, but it is really catches you off guard when it’s your employers doing this to you….lol….

  4. Drama, what about Dion Foulkes after the Stephen Close issue. Whatever happened with those homeowners anyway? Has anybody seen Foulkes lately?

  5. Carl Bethel should have that extra money General Crazy, seeing that he didnt pay National Insurance. What example are these Cabinet Ministers setting?

    I can think of two Cabinet Ministers who should be gone by now – Carl Bethel and Zhivargo Laing. Carl with the NIB and QC thing and Zhivargo with whatever that “feel good” juice was called and the Customs scandal. Only Sidney Collie was forced out and Ingraham claims he runs such a tight ship. Collie should have stayed.

  6. @Kim, thats a good idea, i think i will try that. I could really use the extra moneys 😀

  7. Joe Blow this is why I think the seminars will be helpful. I remember when I used to work for a small business operation. The company that I used to work for used to generate a lot of monies. It was a very successful business and the owner had a lot of good business ideas, but when it came to book work the owner did not have a clue. Well, I did everything for the business. I was the receptionist, secretary accountant and HR officer (lackey), the only thing never used to do was make was to make the bank deposits. I had to pay all the staff and make their NIB contributions. This company never made NIB contribution for none of their employees, until I came. That was one of the first things I had inquiry about, well he told me, “I aint know nothing about no paper work and the girl who was here never used to do it. Now I have resigned from that company about 12 yrs. ago and when I run into employees who are still there, they tells me NIB was not paid since I left. We had the guidelines on how to completing the form and I tried to teach him, I don’t know why he is still not making his NIB contributions. Maybe a seminar would helpful to these types of persons or the government needs to get serious about prosecuting these people.

  8. @wow, nope. im just a crazy soljah.
    and i have no staff and pay my own insurance.
    sorry but i dont make enuff to pay some one elses pension.
    then again, i dont have a business license so ..
    BOL 😀

  9. Joe Blow that is good that these books are available to all employers, but my question is do they understand them? We have all kind of people that goes into business for themselves some of them are not the most educated people. Some people learn quicker from hands on training, than reading instructions from a booklet. A think seminar like this can help those types of persons. I think all employers should have the books to refer back to.

  10. Kim: Two slim books are available. The Employers Guide to the National Insurance Scheme and Contribution Tables for all insured persons. All business persons should make certain they have a copy of each. Seminars are a good idea.

  11. You have a lot of small businesses and many people operating businesses without the appropriate training. Maybe NIB should conduct a series of seminars to educate business owners. They should teach them how to complete the NIB contribution forms; how to calculate the percentage for the employees and the employer’s portion and maybe they can use this opportunity to explain to the employers and employee some of services that is available to them. Many business owners may have avoided making contributions to NIB because they simply did not know how to and they view it as something complicated. A seminar like this can prove essential for many business owners and encourage them to make their necessary contributions.

  12. National Insurance needs to post the names of employers who have not paid.This is a great opportunity for the shadow Minister of this department to do some sleuthing and provide the names.This is not and should not be treated as a political matter but rather a public service.Someone needs to leak the list.

  13. bahamas is tax free my hip.

    anyway i aint pay ni in 20 years but i duzent make any moneys.

  14. No wonder why in the trouble we are in now, we have a bunch of gangsters running this country. Swinging NIB, swinging Bahamas Customs, cover-ups of sexual crimes the list just goes on.

  15. All contributors should receive, on a yearly basis, a contribution form that indicates the insurance benefits paid on their behalf and what entitlement they will receive upon retirement. This should come from National Insurance itself. If an employee does not receive the above a report is made to National Insurance and this triggers an immediate investigation. All employees should keep a file and throw their pay stub into it for future referral. If the stub does not indicate any holdback for any reason the employee must go immediately to the employer. National Insurance should never hold back monies from a benefit fund if it can be proven monies were deducted. That is why friends we must be proactive and not reactive. Where is union protection in all this? It has been evident for many years that some employees at N.I.B. have not been doing their job and should be fired. We should call for lists of employers’ names who have been deducting but not submitting these payments. They should be shamed and then fined. We really can’t call it anything but theft!

  16. NIB needs to take a more aggressive approach in dealing with these delinquent employers, they need to get more serious about prosecuting these employers who have failed to make the necessary contribution on there employees behalf. The one who are robbing their employees’ blind, by deducting monies from their salary and never turning the monies in to NIB should be charged with thief, which is exactly what it is. Too often people are made embarrassed when they submit a claim form and only to learn that their employers was never making any contribution for them, yet monies where being deducted from the person‘s salary. NIB should really consider putting something in place where on can access their account whenever to see if there employers are making contributions for them on a timely basis. Our courts need to recognize these cases as a crucial matter.

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