Jamaican Fugitive Arrested in Nassau Returned to US



NASSAU, Bahamas: A 46-year-old Jamaican man, wanted by U.S. Marshals for murder, has been nabbed in the Bahamas and returned to the U.S.

Donovan Skelton, who was on the New York State Top 100 Most Wanted Fugitive list, returned to Oneida County by United States Marshals Service Investigators on October 17, 2008.

He had been nabbed in The Bahamas on April 7, 2008 after Bahamian authorities arrested Skelton, aka ‘Tallman’, with a provisional arrest warrant.

Skelton was charged with second-degree murder on February 29, 1996 for a murder he is believed to have committed on December 13, 1993 in the City of Utica.

Skelton fled the United States to his native Jamaica prior to authorities locating and arresting him. In 2004, the United States Marshals Service adopted the Oneida County Murder 2nd warrant and began to look for Skelton with the assistance of the Oneida County Sheriffs Office Warrants Unit. Information developed during the investigation indicated Skelton had left Jamaica and was living in the Bahamas.

A Bahamas Press news source believes, as we have reported earlier, that Skelton and many others were smuggled into Nassau, through Lynden Pindling International Airport [LPIA] on a flight from Jamaica which enters the city every night undetected. A government officer who has tipped Bahamas Press of the operation at LPIA said, “Everyone who disembarks on that flight from the Caribbean island should be arrested as it is a classic breach of the boarders filled fake document and letters, yet scores go undetected and captured through the nation’s front door.”

United States Marshals investigators sent leads to Jamaica and The Bahamas. On April 4, 2008 authorities in The Bahamas located Skelton utilizing information from the leads sent to them.


  1. Smiley ! What the hell are you talking about??….lol…..what glitch? what politics? The man is a criminal and he was hiding out in our country.

  2. WOW this is not just starting its been happening for a long time. Authorities should now start taking notice of this before something awful happens.

  3. You know it’s a bad sign when international criminals start flocking to your country to hide.

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