Colin Powell Endorses Barack OBAMA!



  1. Generalcrazy and my BP family, I am logging of now, I going to prepare for Church in the morning, so I won’t be late tomorrow. You guys have a goodnight and I would say a little prayer for all of you.

  2. Yes, I like Bush, especially after Sept. 11, 2001. When those terroist hit he was telling the world everything they wanted to hear. It was not until now we realize the war did not make any sense. Nobody had anticipate the war lasting so long.

    Powell admit they made some mistakes, I respect that.

  3. Bush was a good president, not the best, not the worst, but ofcourse the dumocratic party would not approve of a republican president.

  4. skin color was never on my mind.
    In facked, I feel Sarah Palin could do a better job then all of them, at least she has managed a state. 😀

    Now, that said, US presidents are just puppets anyway, congress runs things. AND, that is why when I become president, I will also be leader of the armed forces so I will run every thing 😀

  5. I understand you generalcrazy, you just don’t want Obama to win. You just think he is wrong for the US. To tell you the truth General, only God can bring about changes in this world. Man will always disappoint you, be it McCain or Obama. Why many people and I support Obama, is because people long for equality. If a person can do a job, they should be allowed to do it and their skin color should not matter. I believe that Obama can do a job as president, than McCain.

  6. Kim, thats wat you fail to ovastand, i dont support mccain, but i dont want obama to win, and it looks like he might just loose. BOL!!

    a man that can brain wash so many people into believe in a change that does not exist and will not happen, is just too dangerous to be president of the united states.

  7. generalcrazy you keep pulling for McPain and I will continue to pull for Obama and on Nov. 5, 2008 when Obama is sitting in the chair in the Oval Office, we will see who will need the meds.

  8. @Drama: its no more harsh then comparing McCain to Bush, be fare and balanced or dont even comment on the subject. And no, I wont be needing the meds, but I have plenty for you guys cuz it seems you have been brain washed by that fellow they call Obama, the one.

  9. Come on General!!! Thats a bit harsh to compare Obama to terrorists. I am glad you have excess supply of your meds. You will be needing them come Nov 5,2008.

  10. @Joe: same could be said for your messiah:
    About Barack Hussein Obama: “He is definitely not Osama. But the way he thinks he might as well be.”

  11. @Drama – right back at yah.

    @Kim – nothing rong for me, but i am sure you obama followers will have some major anxiety attacks when he looses the election. I have meds ready fer you guys when you start to trip out when you find out you have to call that man President McCain. BOL 😀

  12. Drama you could of sense something was wrong too aye? Lately, generalcrazy don’t seem like his self, it even isn’t Nov. 5th yet and the general done sounds like he is already experiencing some panic or anxiety attacks. This will happen to plenty people you know as the US election draws close, I really hope the good general is keeping up with his meds in this stressful time.

  13. Kim: Your line “He is definetly not Bush. The way he thinks he might as well be.” Just priceless and so apt. I will send it to the Obama headquarters.

  14. Oh good General, lately I am beginning to feel that you have failed to fill your prescription.

  15. @Kim. how do you know what McCain is thinking?
    Are you a mind reader now too?

    @Drama. Obviously they dont, that is why he is the change that is needed, not Obama.

  16. They – Bush and McCain – are coming from the same party so their policies and way of thinking should represent the same thing right, General Crazy?

    For example you cant come to the podium of a rally and say, “I am a PLP but I think and operate different from Christie”. You should be on one accord.

  17. @Drama: paro i dont know wat that means? Obama is an aragant snob, I just dont like him, and I DONT like people that preach to you and think they are better and think they know better, when they do not, as is the case with Obama.

    @Kim: Obama nutcase policies are ALL the same, except this time around Obama wants to take all tax from some people then throw all that tax ontop of the existing tax to ALL businesses, that will bring America to the ground, he will destroy it, and oh yeah, our country too when he has his way with the destruction of tax havens. BTW. in case you are blind and deaf, McCain is not Bush.

  18. Generalcrazy Bush and McInsane policies have being destroying America for past 8 yrs; I don’t think it could any worse with Obama as president. You have already seen with those two nut cases in action, so give Obama a chance to bring about some changes. Things can get any worse right now.

  19. General Crazy, why you so paro about Obama? Tell me the truth, man. What went down?

    Its true though General, McCain is old and should be enjoying retirement, not trying to become president.

  20. @Drama, if some one said that about obama they would be called a terrorist or worse – how can you say that about John McCain, the American Hero?

    @Kim, we can not afford Obama Bin Laden – well the americans cannot – he will ruin america – then he will come and ruin the Bahamas.

  21. McInsane,if elected president, would die on the night of the victory party as he is so old his heart cant take much. After all the man takes about 5 mins to lift up his hands.

  22. Generalcrazy I believe that is what you wanted to hear. Obama must be mean because he is taking 2 days off to visit his ailing grandmother, so general don’t get your hopes up. He will be ready when he gets back.
    John McInsane aint throw in the towel yet?

  23. I wonder why anyone would willingly want to be President of the U.S.A. at this time. A failed war in Iraq! A surge they say is working but only because the U.S. troops are keeping out of harms way and waiting to get home. Afghanistan and Iran defying the U.S. A really botched economy. The debt at an unmanageable high. A continuing deficit. Crime and corruption running rampant. Moral decay in all aspects of their lives. No universal health care system. Low world ranking in education. An economic crisis almost beyond repair. Solutions that will leave the rich richer and the middle class poorer. And yet they spin!spin! spin! Poor Obama! Does he know what he is getting himself in for? I predict he will win if the politcal machine doesn’t pull a fast one.

  24. Generalcrazy you are doing so well, you are taking your meds and everything, I hope you will be able to cope with the pressure on Nov 5, 2008, after Obama would have wins. I really can’t have you relapsing on me. Realizing how fragile the situation is, I will be there as a friend if you need to talk. (lol)

  25. you say crazy I say potato.
    in udder words, its not really crazy, even though I may be. 😉

    psst. only a true obomanite would actually answer those questions i posed, so on nov 5th I will be here to comfort you in your time of pain with the result of obamas loss of the presidency race. 😀

  26. General how crazy could you get? Not because their name rhymes that means there is a connection between Obama and Osama.

    As for the crazy preacher and why Obama listen, if he don’t agree. Well general I don’t always agree with the crazy things you say, but yet I listen.

    Michelle Obama is proud to be an American now; well who would not be? If their husband was running for president of the USA.

    To his time doing cocaine, maybe he was just experiments I guess he just wanted to know what it would feel like to be high or maybe it had something to do with peer pressure.

    The man is a mystery, sound very interesting and intriguing.

    Only change he got for you is dat nickel in he pocket, well general did you forget we are in a recession?, those nickels might come in handy. You talking about Nickels, I wish could have seen some pennies right now.

    Generalcrazy you so crazy! It would take a real crazy person to come up with this reasoning, general you never seize to amaze me.

  27. and Kim. Smart people dont want another 8 years of clinton, which is basically what we may get with Obama, but alot worse.

    And this should at the least concern any free thinking person: how ironic is it that his name is Obama, while Osama is Americans #1 Public Enemy; his middle name is Hussein, the same name of Americas other Public Enemy, Sadaam – Public Enemy meaning those are persons that want to see America and Americans destroyed. Necks coincidence is Obama-Biden – Osama Bin Laden. BOL!! 😀

    With the crazy preacher he sat and listened to for 20 years, sorry if you dont agree with someone why would you sit and listen to them? Then his wife that is only now proud of being an American (send her packing to Iran if she hates America that much). To his time doing cocaine (now was that crack or .. see we cant ask without being labeled racist) and weed, missing years in columbia uni.

    Besides voting present in the senate the man is a mystery, and only change he got for you is dat nickel in he pocket, or something much much worse.

  28. Sound like you watch too much of that obama mouthpiece TV, called msnbc. Obama voted present, he is indisisive and no telling what he will do. No way Obama 2008. You were mis informed about Mccain as well, he never voted with bush 99% of the time. And Polls mean nothing BTW, in facked they are mostly media controlled which is typically obama mouthpieces, so go figure. Also remember the polls had kerry leading and yet he didnt get any where.

    Sorry, it has to be NOBAMA 2008, the man will destroy america.

  29. generalcrazy you so wrong for that, how dare you use my words back on me? Anyway general I guess we will have to wait and see. Survey showing Obama is in the lead. The people don’t want another 8 yrs. of Bush policies. McClain voted with Bush 99% of the time. You was not home to watch the commercial aye? You see how McClain look so confused? Come to think about it General, McClain head isn’t no good either and he was a war veteran too, I see why you are not for Obama, you and McClain have too much things in common.

  30. Kim it aint long now. In 12 days you will be proven wrong and then you will have to eat your words.

    You will not be able to show your face in this place.

  31. Generalcrazy it aint long now. In 12 days you will be proven wrong and then you will have to eat your words.

    You will not be able to show your face in this place.

  32. Sorry but i believe Obama will loose. I think many obamanites will have a rude awakening on Nov 5th when they wake up to a President McCain. If Obama does win, it will not be good for america or the world.

    AS to powell, means very little that he endorced obama. McCain has more secretary of states and big time leaders endorsing him.

    besides dat, powell was an adviser to bush in the iraq war. democrats hated him, now they mystically respect him – democrats make no sense.

  33. General Crazy stop being crazy! Obama will win and an endorsement from Powell does mean something. In your sight Powell might be washed up etc but he is still a VERY respected man.

    I will remind you of your comments on Nov 5th when we would have already known the results and everything would be red, white, blue and BLACK….lol….

  34. a good read:

    “If find yourself believing that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, or that “this is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow” or even, tout court, that “yes we can”, the chances are that you are suffering from a severe case of Obamamania.

    Tens of millions of Americans and an even larger number of Europeans have fallen victim to the syndrome, which involves a belief that a young black senator from Chicago can cure the world’s ills, in part because of his race, in part because of his obvious intelligence and rhetorical skill; but in no part because of any record of achievement in the past. Fortunately, an inexpensive remedy is at hand.

    It comes in the form of a new book by David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama. Unlike the authors of some of the cruder attacks on Mr. Obama, Mr. Freddoso works for a well-respected organization, the online version of the National Review. Although it is a conservative publication and the author makes no secret of where his political sympathies lie, this is a well-researched, extensively footnoted work. It aims not so much to attack Mr. Obama as to puncture the belief that he is in some way an extraordinary, mould-breaking politician.

    The Obama that emerges from its pages is not, Mr. Freddoso says, “a bad person. It’s just that he’s like all the rest of them. Not a reformer. Not a Messiah. Just like all the rest of them in Washington.” And the author makes a fairly compelling case that this is so. The best part of the book concentrates on Mr. Obama’s record in Chicago, his home town and the place from which he was elected to the Illinois state Senate in 1996, before moving to the United States Senate in 2004. The book lays out in detail how this period began in a way that should shock some of Mr. Obama’s supporters: he won the Democratic nomination for his Illinois seat by getting a team of lawyers to throw all the other candidates off the ballot on various technicalities. One of those he threw off was a veteran black politician, a woman who helped him get started in politics in the first place.

    If Mr. Obama really were the miracle-working, aisle-jumping, consensus-seeking new breed of politician his spin-doctors make him out to be, you would expect to see the evidence in these eight years. But there isn’t very much. Instead, as Mr. Freddoso rather depressingly finds, Mr. Obama spent the whole period without any visible sign of rocking the Democratic boat.

    He was a staunch backer of Richard Daley, who as mayor failed to stem the corruption that has made Chicago one of America’s most notorious cities. Nor did he lift a finger against John Stroger and his son Todd….Cook County, where Chicago is located, has been extensively criticized for corrupt practices by a federally appointed judge….”…283155&s=books

  35. Generalcrazy you only looking out for ya soljahs aye? I hear ya.(jokes)General I believe you get that backwards because of Powell support Obama will win.:D

  36. frankly it doesnt matter that he endorced obama. Powell is just an ole washed up general anyway, and the funny thing is he was a Bush advisor. @Kim, i pray for my safety and the safety of my soljahs, i could care less about obama or mccains.

  37. This endorsement shows SERIOUS political maturity. Our politicians and people can take a lesson from this.

  38. Joe Blow I agree with you 100% Colin Powell is a republican and Barak Obama is a Democratic. He said after listening to all the issues, he decided to support Obama and I think that is what it is all about. We must seek to do that in our own country, if we happens to be a PLP and someone from the FNM side is doing something good for our country, let’s point it out.

  39. I too have endorsed Obama and I am praying for his safety and his family safety. I know you still have plenty prejudice in the world and plenty prejudice people isn’t willing to accept him because of the color of his skin.

  40. While the “doctors” are already spinning the endorsement to suit their own purposes, I believe Colin Powell can act as a mentor to Obama. It doesn’t matter if he is not in the same party. One does not have to cross the floor to help the “chosen one” to lead effectively. We need a lot more of this in the Bahamas. Once an election is over, party affiliation need not be “touted” again until just before the next election. Everyone in the House Should serve the people to the best of their ability. I have long advocated that the best person, regardless of his/her political persuation, be asked to accept a portfolio if he/she is the most suitable candidate. Surely we can reach a maturity where we can debate an issue without rancor and in the best interest of our country. Even if we disagree with the outcome, as long as we have been given an opportunity to present our side, we just agree to disagree and let the majority decision stand.
    That would be true democracy. In the meantime, Colin Powell did the right thing and when Obama is elected I am sure he will give the best advise he can to help in the quest to move the U.S. forward.

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